The newest form of social advertising may be influencer marketing. While it may not be as important to your business marketing plan as content marketing or your social media ads, it is definitely something you should be considering.

Basically, influencer marketing is like a celebrity endorsement, but instead of the endorsement being made by an A-list movie star or million dollar athlete, the endorsement comes from a blogger, Youtuber, or Instagram model.

Who are the Influencers?

A social media influencer can be anyone. They may not have any particular talents, history, or connections. Generally, all it takes is a large following on one or more social media channels. The influencer will likely have a niche such as travel or beauty, and they will be well-respected by their followers. Their posts will get a lot of engagement.

When choosing an influencer to work with for lead generation, you don’t want to just choose any person that has a high follower count. That is more what a celebrity endorsement would be for. Influencers spend a lot of time and energy creating a specific brand and aesthetic. You will want to find an influencer who can create a social advertising campaign that appears organic, even though you are paying for their attention. Influencer marketing will be a slow burn technique similar to content marketing, it will build trust and credibility for your business over time.

Why You Should Use Influencers

There are plenty of reasons why influencer marketing could be the right course for your business. One of the number one reasons is because it creates sales and lead generations. Depending on the influencer, it could mean a lot of sales for your business. An influencer that knows their stuff will create excellent, engaging content that revolves around your brand or product. This is literally their job, and they are very, very good at it.

Another solid reason to choose an influencer is that people trust them. In the past, a celebrity endorsement could go a long way to getting your product in the hands of consumers, and while this type of advertising still has its merits, the voices of influencers may even be more trusted. They build relationships with their followers, and the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) are more likely to follow the advice of an influencer than the advice of a celebrity.

Influencers are great at social advertising because they are engaged and creative. Plus, they are very in tune with their niche and know what kind of content their audience prefers. They know how to start a conversation about your product and keep that conversation going giving you excellent value for your advertising dollars.

Organically Can Help Create Influencer Campaigns

Let Organically help you create an influencer campaign that will get you lead generations that you need to grow your business. There are thousands of influencers to work with, and we can help you develop a solid campaign that will be perfect for your brand.