If you’ve recently seen a big drop in traffic on your site, it could be that you’ve been hit by Google’s Maccabees update. This update to the algorithm searches for websites that use poor search engine optimization practices to get traffic, without offering usable content for readers. Unfortunately, as we all know, no algorithm is perfect. Even websites that have great content meant to inspire and educate are getting hit thanks to old blog marketing techniques that are still in use. If you’ve been struggling since this update, here are three ways to help you recover:

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Rethink Your SEO by Writing for Humans

The most important thing the new Maccabees update looks for is keyword stuffing in a website. If your digital marketing strategy relies mostly on getting your keywords front and center, and you’ve skimped on providing quality long-form content, you’ve likely been hit by this update. Rethink your practices by writing content that is designed for your human audience, not for an algorithm. Organic traffic is still a powerful force in ranking, and great content is what leads to more human traffic.

Don’t Rely Heavily on Affiliate Links for Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate links are another thing that this update searches for, but that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all your links. Just be aware that websites with tons of affiliate links spread throughout thin content are probably going to be targeted by the update. Previously, links were a good way to build your SEO because they helped search engines identify your website through multiple channels. Now, though, it’s best to only use affiliate links where it matters. Build your backlinks to your own website and keep the aggressive advertising to a minimum.

Be Sure Your Content Marketing Strategy Targets Mobile Users

Another thing the update looks for? Websites that give users trouble on mobile. Google knows that more than half of all Internet users these days are on their phones or other mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile searching, you’re probably not seeing the ranking you could be. Websites with dynamic mobile responsiveness will be favored in search engine results, so it’s best to get on top of this right away if you haven’t.

Seek Professional Help to Get Back on Track

If you’ve been struggling to remedy your rankings after the update, you are not alone. Make sure your customers can find you with a sound strategy that doesn’t send up red flags to the most important search engine algorithm out there. If you aren’t sure that your website is performing as best it can, contact us at Organically. We can help you improve your search engine optimization the right way, help you develop your online marketing strategy, and more. Learn about our services here.