YouTube has quickly grown into one of the biggest Internet phenomena ever to exist. It started as a dating website, believe it or not, and is now one of the leading social media marketing platforms for people and businesses of all types. Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience right now, but if you don’t have that audience’s attention, they’ll never see your efforts. Here are three ways the YouTube pros build their following.

Communicate What Your Consistent Theme Is – At a Glance

YouTube fans aren’t quite like fans on places like Facebook or Twitter. They are more interested in following creators that give them content they want to watch, rather than following out of a sense of being a “fan” or “supporter.” Therefore, viewers need to be able to tell at a glance what kind of content you offer.

You can do this by creating a channel trailer or having a snappy channel summary in your description boxes and the channel’s header image. Solidify your social media marketing on YouTube by using a visual brand in all of your thumbnails, so your videos are instantly recognizable.

Here’s one good way to tell if you are being consistent with your topics and visuals: how often do people binge watch your videos? Your goal should be to get viewers sitting through as much of your content as they can get, meaning it all has to scratch the same itch as the first video they found.

Collaborate with Similar – But Not Identical – Niches

Collaboration between creators is huge on YouTube, more so than on other social media marketing platforms. You want to find a creator that has an audience that would be interested in you but isn’t the exact same audience you are already targeting. For example, if you are a company that sells fancy dog treats, reach out to a creator who makes videos about dog training. If you are a company that offers helicopter tours of National Parks, reach out to a channel that makes daredevil videos or travel videos.

Share Your Videos in Other Communities

The great thing about video marketing is that it is so accessible in other online spaces. You can post a video to your blog, share it on Twitter or Facebook, connect it to your Instagram account, put the link in forum posts, and so much more. Figure out where your audience spends their time, and then take your videos to them. This will encourage them to follow you, even if they aren’t avid YouTube users who frequently follow and search out content on this platform.

The Professionals Can Help!

These are three great tips to get your video marketing efforts seen by huge audiences. If you want to learn more, check out how Organically can help right here.