According to Forbes, over half a billion people per day watch videos on Facebook, and 80% of consumer internet traffic in 4 years will be video traffic. These statistics are staggering and illustrate how important video will be to the future of digital marketing. From live streaming video to food preparation videos to vlog style videos, video marketing has already become an integral part of the way that people use the Internet and is exploding in popularity with each passing day.

The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing

Video is the most immersive way for people to interact with each other online. Combining visual elements with audio and even text, video provides incalculable opportunities for people and businesses to represent themselves. From online commercials to social videos to interactive videos, digital marketing is amassing new ways to explore the video marketing trend.

Since the inception of the Internet, we have seen that content is king. In the beginning, most content involved written text, but now the same content can be presented in a much more compelling and interactive way. Essentially, you can now present the same information but do it in such a way as to make it more memorable, more engaging, and more interactive. Not only are people more engaged while watching video content, people are becoming more and more interested in creating their own videos as well.

How You can Leverage Video to Grow Your Business

Businesses can take advantage of a number of opportunities to utilize video to help grow your business. Whether it is introducing customers to your brand, your products and services, and/or your team in a compelling way or creating interactive how to videos that can help your customers navigate a difficult problem or find the solution more quickly, there are a variety of video types and formats that can help set your business apart from your competitors and earn you quality traffic and customers.


Types of videos businesses are creating:

  • Vlogs – video blogging. Essentially businesses are turning their blogs into videos by either reading off their blogs or by following someone’s daily life to create a lifestyle video that showcases a product or service.
  • Interactive videos. Videos have now been set to an interactive element where the user can select different options to guide the outcome of the video. This type of element has also recently been used in gaming.
  • Informative videos. Provide useful guidance or how-to type articles in video format to help people learn more about the products or services you offer. You can also create FAQ videos to answer common questions your customers may have.
  • Digital promotional videos. These videos are probably the most common digital videos that businesses are creating today. Videos of this nature can incorporate different styles and types of videos depending on what is most relevant to the business. For example, showcasing a beautiful area may involve a drone video with compelling audio overlaid or a food company may invest in creating promotional videos highlighting recipes that utilize their products or services.


As you can see, there are many different ways you can leverage video for your business. If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own videos, contact Organically for a free consultation and to talk through different video options that will increase your business’s visibility online now and in the future.


By Lauren Wilkison