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Search Engine Optimization Done Right

Google currently processes 40,000 searches per second. Research suggests that the majority of people use search engines to research businesses before they make a buying decision. Earning high rankings for important search terms related to your business is more important than ever.


At Organically, we’ve spent years crafting successful strategies based on industry best practices. Our ongoing training combined with experience marketing for major brand names has allowed us to generate incredible revenue returns for our clients, from small to large businesses. Our strategy is not an attempt to “game” the search engines. Instead, we want to make your website an authority in your industry by adding valuable content and quality links.

Understanding How Search Engines Rank Pages

In order to understand why our campaigns work, we should first explain how search engines rank websites. There are a variety of factors, some known and some unknown, that the search engine algorithms use to bring you the most useful results for any search you type into your preferred search engine. Their methods are constantly being refined to weed out websites that violate their policies, employ risky tactics, or that are not following best practices. Ultimately Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the business of providing useful search results, and they invest considerable time and money to hone their process to ensure they are providing the best experience to their users.


In order to understand how search engines rank websites, we can break the main rankings signals into two main categories: relevance and popularity.


When a user types in a search query, the goal of a search engine is to return the most relevant results that match the user’s intent. New technology is paving the way for many enhancements to the way algorithms determine the relevance of a website, but common elements that the algorithms look for include keywords incorporated into the content, optimized meta information, and fresh content that is highly relevant to the topic the user is searching.


In addition to looking for the most relevant websites, Google aims to rank websites that have a certain amount of credibility. One of the ways that they determine a website’s credibility is the amount of times an authoritative, credible website has mentioned the website (which they monitor by tracking ‘backlinks’.) When you are able to increase the number of websites with a high domain authority that link back to your website, this is seen as indicator that your website is not only relevant but has been given credibility from other websites.

It All Begins with Comprehensive Keyword Research

While any good SEO campaign will improve the relevance and popularity of a website, selecting the right keywords is the first and most important step to any successful campaign. Selecting a variety of keywords that range in difficulty and volume help businesses establish a solid foundation to begin growing organic rankings. It’s very important to have highly experienced and qualified individuals performing keyword research, as a mistake made in this area can derail the entire campaign.

Developing a Custom Campaign

At Organically, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each business has a unique story and industry-related goals. Therefore, we develop each campaign as its own completely customized entity. We begin with a comprehensive site audit, then our Google certified experts review the website’s current standing and recommend a course of action based on past actions, competitor analysis, and best practices.

The First Step to Success: Your Website Audit

Are you interested to see how Organically can revolutionize your search rankings? Contact us for a consultation with a Google Certified Expert.