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Conversational Marketing is the Future of Advertising

Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate not only with each other but also with our favorite brands. Interruption marketing, or marketing that involves interrupting a user’s activity to introduce them to a product or service, is no longer the preferred method for reaching consumers. With the advent of services such as Netflix, Hulu, DVR, Satellite radio, and ad blockers, traditional advertising that disrupts a user’s activities is quickly being replaced with conversational, digital word of mouth, opt-in style marketing.


Conversational marketing has taken new shape in the form of social media. Customers are now able to opt in to receive marketing communications, share their favorite brands and products with their friends at the touch of a finger, and provide real time feedback to companies on their marketing and their products/services.

Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

With a professional social media campaign, you can keep your brand top of mind all year long. Every day, a new message from your brand can inspire your customers or captivate new prospects to check out what you have to offer. A social media strategy that incorporates authentic, inspired content with natural-looking photos can yield powerful results and help your brand gain valuable influence and recognition in your industry.

Creating Personal Connections with Customers

Social media helps brands create personal connections with customers. With social media, you are able to humanize the brand and forge connections with customers that inspire more brand loyalty and a stronger sense of attachment to the products or services that you sell. Utilizing social media the way it is intended to be used, which is to communicate with your customers, enhances the impact of your brand messaging and makes your social profile much more valuable.

Expanding Social Reach

The majority of business owners cite acquiring leads as the biggest challenge for their business. The great thing about social media is that you can promote your business to millions of users, not only through organic social reach, but also through highly targeted and valuable social media advertising. When done right, social advertising is a great way to not only find customers but to promote new products or service offerings to your loyal fan base encouraging repurchase and ongoing patronage.

Powerful Social Ad Targeting

Businesses are now able to take advantage of a variety of promotions on social media to enhance their social presence, encourage new fan or follower acquisition, nurture existing leads, drive website visits, and ultimately, increase conversions. Powerful ad targeting allows you to microtarget your customers by demographic, interest, geographic location, and a number of other important factors.

Increased Website Visits and Conversions

With social media, you can vary your content and advertising to target not only the growth of your social media profiles but also the referral traffic your website receives from social media. In addition, certain social profiles currently offer the ability to sell products directly through their platform or you can direct them to your website to make a purchase. Tracking socially attributable conversions is simple so you can keep up-to-date with how effective your campaigns are and the ROI of your efforts.

An Integrated Approach to Search

Social signals are a strong indicator of credibility to the major search engines, and an active social media presence with consistent posting indicates a thriving business and helps solidify the credibility of the website for rankings. At Organically, we believe in full integration between search and social – by eliminating the silos and fully incorporating both strategies together for best results. To find out more about our integrated approach to search and social media, schedule a free consultation with a social media expert.

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