The first tool in a digital marketer’s toolbox  should be a strong website. A successful website is crucial for any business in today’s market and is the foundation for your online presence, but simply having a website won’t do the trick.

Search engine optimization experts can help you create, manage and track the success of your website.  In order for a website to be beneficial, it is important to measure and understand its success. Here are three clues to see if your website is truly  providing your company with the best results.

Website Traffic

A few questions to consider to help with measuring your website traffic and the quality of this traffic:

  • How many visitors does your website receive on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • What did these visitors do once they landed on your website? Measure this with bounce rate, in page analytics, and behavior funnels.
  • How long did they stay on your website once there? Check out session duration.

Page view metrics track how many people have seen the pages and content on your website, and you can also track document view and download metrics by tracking the number of views for any documents or downloads for these items embedded on your site.

Additionally, content sharing has become a common indicator of content usefulness and popularity. This includes social signals that people give by clicking social share buttons on your website. They come from sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, and are good indicators of your website’s performance.

You can also encourage content sharing by using share buttons on your blog posts, articles, and other content from your search engine optimization campaign.

Lead Generation

Gaining more leads is a crucial goal for all businesses.  By providing rich content on your website, you will ultimately encourage website visitors  to continue down your sales funnel. This process transforms your website’s visitors from passive viewers to active and loyal followers (and hopefully customers). Having clear, visible call-to-action items on your website’s homepage and contact page is very important to track the results of your website.  

The number of times a visitor signs up for your newsletter, fills out a contact form, or requests more information through your website should be tracked and then measured based on how many of these unique site visitors converted into customers.

Making the Sale

Almost all businesses are looking for the sale.

A company’s website serves many functions for the business, but this is arguably the most important. If you use your website to sell products and services, then this one probably matters the most to you.  Your website should provide a responsive format for all or most electronic devices, clear and relevant information, an easy to navigate format, and most importantly – prominent contact information.

Whether the sale occurs directly through the website or as a result of the website, tracking this will inevitably affirm whether or not you have a strong and successful website. In order to effectively track sales metrics, you must include trackable components on your website such as a call-to-action to a product landing page and track which and how many of these leads are converted to an actual sale.

If you want to get the most from your website, you need a digital marketing team that can maximize your investment. Organically offers extensive search engine optimization, conversion optimization and content marketing experience to drive qualified visitors to your website. Get in touch (1.800.917.0970) and let’s get your digital campaign started today!