Does your digital marketing strategy emphasize marketing and selling, or does it put a spotlight on developing and serving? If it is not the latter, it may be time to consider working with a digital marketing agency that can help your firm make such a transition.

Providing premier customer experiences must reside at the heart of your digital marketing strategy and include personalization at every level. This might mean having a digital marketing agency that can deliver top tier social media marketing and interaction, or website design that emphasizes your audience’s needs or preferences, among other things.

Digital Marketing Goes Well Beyond Contact Management

If you spend much time exploring tips for digital marketing success, you may start to see everything in terms of a funnel. Your funnel is broad at the top and manages to capture any number of potential buyers or clients. Your marketing may then lead them along through an organized series of steps or contact points that encourages them to continue all of the ways to sell or sealing the deal at the bottom of the said funnel.

Your digital marketing agency is a key resource throughout, but if they are ignoring major shifts in the types of digital marketing your audience responds to, they may not bring you to the level of success you desire or need. In fact, potential clients may not even enter the broadest area of the funnel at all.

Recall that we emphasized the need for serving and developing customers rather than just selling and marketing to them. How would this be accomplished? It all has to do with using information in the right way in order to build consumer loyalty.

Digital Marketing Agency and Customer Data

While your digital marketing agency may have complete access to your client data, the information that is most relevant is that relating to “buyer personas”. Few companies will have a single persona, and it is far more likely that there are three or more personas to which you must direct marketing messages.

A single, potential, or existing client may have multiple personas that apply, and a good marketing company creates a strategy that meets the needs or expectations of each persona. This means multiple levels of information, data, and messaging. It means that any customer’s experience has to be designed from that first point of contact (i.e., the opening of the funnel) all of the way beyond the funnel and into client retention.

Taking customer data to ensures optimal experiences is an ever-evolving and shifting task, and the team at Organically will help you in every way possible. From those initial persona designs to a look at analytics and customer-focused decisions, they have the skills, teams, and experience to help you achieve goals. Don’t ignore the shift from marketing and selling to serving and client developing possible only through optimized marketing, web design, and social media marketing that a team like Organically delivers.