A digital marketing agency uses a broad perspective to get the work done and will build each client a digital marketing strategy based on any number of factors or goals. However, there are going to be those universal issues that apply broadly to all, and trends in SEO are among them.

If you have not revisited your SEO strategy with your digital marketing agency, it could be that your digital marketing strategy may not be as robust or as on-trend as your goals require. 

Digital Marketing Strategy and SEO Trends

What types of trends should you be talking to your digital marketing agency about? Here are some of the biggest trends in SEO that any digital marketing strategy needs to consider:

Mobile Indexing – Google is really in charge of SEO outcomes, and they have now made it abundantly clear that they are going “mobile-first” in their indexing. In a nutshell, this means they are going to start using your website’s mobile version to gauge your SEO ranking. This actually kicked off in 2018, and if your digital marketing agency is not giving your mobile version a lot of attention, your digital marketing strategy may not be all that effective where Google is concerned. 

Speed Matters – Google wants your site to be fast, whether it is the desktop or mobile. The glitch for some is that the data Google uses is limited to the Chrome UX, and so your agency should be aware of this and optimize to that speed.

Algorithm Looking at Brand Mentions – This one is lesser-known but still relevant, and it is simply that brand mentions linked to your site are heavily rewarded. This harkens back to the issue of authority, and so you’ll need to be sure that your strategy involves ensuring you have backlinks and that they reflect the reputation you seek to build and the brand you have designed for your firm

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR is something everyone needs to know about as it is already in effect in the EU (European Union). This, in a nutshell, is about data ownership. Essentially, it removes ownership of data that is created by online interactions created by users, and these rules allow them to see the personal data that any company has about them. Yes, Facebook, even you! Google has implemented a unique fix, which is to allow data to expire within 26 months of collection – but it applies to European customers only. This will matter at some point to all users, and so it is wise to get ahead of the curve.

Amazon Search – If you sell physical goods and do not have a presence on Amazon, you may be missing out on more than 50% of your potential market. Be sure your strategy has Amazon integration!

Working with an On-Trend Digital Marketing Agency 

This may feel like a lot to absorb, but the team at Organically is ready to review all of the latest SEO trends and be sure your strategies are effective and up to date.