Social media marketing…love it or not, it is here to stay. In fact, as social media usage increases, you must be sure that your digital agency makes the very most of every opportunity to maximize returns on any social media marketing done on your behest. And like all other areas of marketing, your digital agency will have to address this area using a customized and unique approach.

Where any sort of social media marketing is concerned, all messaging and interaction must be targeted to the right audience. Consider the group known as Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2015). They are, quite literally, flooding the working world as they reach legal working ages and even graduating college, and yet their use of social media is concerned, they stand apart from other age groups. 

For one thing, a recent study from the UK determined that Gen Z relies on the social media giant Facebook mostly as a messenger option rather than a social platform with lots of public exchanges. If it is about organizing events or activism, most will use the standard Facebook platform.

Social Media Marketing and Data

Does this mean that your digital agency can skip Gen Z when it comes to social media marketing? In a word: No.

It is simply a matter of understanding just where to go to speak to what is arguably one of the fastest-growing consumer markets to emerge. It is helpful to understand that there has been an exodus away from Facebook since the infamous Cambridge Analytica issue, in which huge swaths of Facebook users spoke out about the betrayal they felt at the free-form sales of their data. 

However, there has been a boomerang effect around the issue, with a lot of consumers recognizing that almost everything about their consumer data has value. This is why one report out of Canada noted that scale is disappearing, and authenticity and depth are enjoying a heyday in social media efforts.

Your Digital Agency and Gen Z

Just what does your digital agency needs to know about Gen Z audiences? The most relevant point is to understand which social media platform is most effective for the group. After all, this is a generation that has witnessed the generation ahead (known as Millennials) struggle to get lucrative work, even with college degrees. This is in direct relation to the financial fallouts beginning around 2008 and continuing even into the current period.

Millennials were the first to truly monetize their use of the internet and social media, with so many creating careers around YouTube and Instagram. This has led Gen Z to reshape social media, creating specialized niches and cultures with them, and this is where marketing via social media is most effective.

Naturally, that requires specialized skills and resources, like those of the team at Organically. With a full menu of digital marketing services, they can help you identify the right social media channels and messages to speak to every generation or demographic, including the enormous Gen Z only now coming into its own.