You wouldn’t be at fault for thinking that social media advertising is all about buying ads or banners or paying for some sort of promotional options where content is concerned. That is definitely part of what it is all about, but it is also an element within any effective digital marketing strategy. It is vital to know just how to use social media advertising in its most effective ways for your goals. 

Engagement, Algorithms and Social Media Advertising

Anyone who has been contemplating their digital marketing efforts knows all about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is something that has a long list of moving parts and which channels through the algorithms used by major search engines to generate results. Most, however, may not realize that social media platforms have algorithms equally as potent and that many, including Facebook, redesigned their algorithms in the past years to favor material that creates “genuine conversation.”

In other words, it has to be engaging and exciting as well as appealing. It has to receive a lot of authentic comments and shares, and not be full of click bait and keywords aiming to create attention or give the content validity.

In addition to more authentic engagement as part of a social media advertising strategy or plan, a lot of social platforms are giving credence to niches or “micro influencing.” After all, a digital marketing plan might benefit tremendously from endorsements or support by a major “influencer,” but that may not be a realistic pressure for the budget.

The creation of and participation in valid niches within social media platforms, and the help of micro-influencers is a great way to breach the gap between major influencers and none at all. As the simplest example – a firm specializing in food or ingredients may be unable to afford the famous food TV star but may be able to pair with a famous food blogger who focuses on their niche in the food industry.

Digital Marketing Requires Social Components

It is also relevant to look at the ways that social media advertising can offer a natural sales channel. Ensuring that potential buyers have a much deeper picture of the product or service is a near guarantee that they’ll follow any call to action or find it easier to make the purchase or commitment. If digital marketing is missing this sales enablement (discovery and informational) component, it is missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. 

Rather than pushing the sales pitch in other ways, a savvy social media advertising campaign will use stories told through video, images, and shared content. It will introduce and inform and enable sales in a way that does not feel promotional. 

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