There are many ways to grow your online traffic, but two of the best are advertisements and search engine optimization. Advertisements can cost thousands of dollars and the data shows that they are not always effective. Certain times of the year, or certain marketplaces, may work for ads – but overall, online browsers have become so used to navigating around ads or even blocking them entirely, that their usefulness is questionable. Data shows that blog marketing is a much better way to gain traffic from multiple streams.

Targeted SEO Leads to $18,000 Growth in 6 Months

From November of 2016 to May of 2017, Organically worked with Wedding Sparklers Outlet to increase organic traffic through better search engine optimization. Their blogging efforts included expert content with targeted keywords to draw in browsers from Google and other search engines. We worked to add new content to their website each month, and in those six months, their traffic increased 44%. This led to an $18,542 increase in revenue from online sales directly connected to blog clicks. A much smaller investment in blog marketing services from Organically grew their business in a way that ads could never promise!

Referral Traffic Up 650% With Better SEO on Facebook

Another client success story comes from Visit Gatlinburg’s Facebook page. After increasing their social media presence and enhancing their search engine optimization strategy, their referral traffic from Facebook grew 650%. That represented a 310% increase in their overall page views, and led to multiple viral posts with tens of thousands of likes and shares. Our campaign also doubled their follower size, and helped them run a social contest with over 3,000 submissions. These numbers show the power of creating content that connects with your human audience, instead of just running ads that get skimmed over.

Triple Sales in One Month with Consumer-Based SEO

While we have seen blogging work time and time again for our clients, we also work to enhance existing ads so that your efforts are being utilized across the board. We worked with GoProto for one month to create additional ads that focused on consumer-based search engine optimization, not algorithm-based. They saw their revenue triple in that time. This is just one example of how thinking for humans rather than for algorithms with your blog marketing can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Digital marketing encompasses everything from blogging to PPC ads to social media marketing and more. By connecting all your efforts and focusing on establishing yourself as a presence that consumers want to engage with, you’ll see far better results than you might with just ads. Learn more from our FAQ about how blogging can help you beat out the competition, or contact us to learn how we can help you create a campaign that works.