“Siri? Where can I…” If you find yourself posing a similarly phrased question daily or often, you are already interacting with AI or artificial intelligence. This means that it has entered the mainstream and become essential, but it also means that you have to consider machine learning marketing methods for your business. After all, consider that AI is used for speech recognition, language translation, decision making and more, but just what is AI for marketing?

Machine Learning Marketing Explained

Here is what the Content Marketing Institute says about AI for marketing and machine learning marketing: “Every day your team postpones using innovative AI-powered solutions in your content marketing, you’re losing competitive edge.” This is because AI for marketing automates steps you would have had to perform manually in the task. Using “big data” that can identify trends, new or emerging market segments, consumer patterns, and other issues, AI for marketing can take steps to adjust your message, ads and more.

Just consider how long it might take you and your team to assess the enormous quantities of information available to you through most marketing channels and your basic analytics. It is too easy to overlook important points, yet AI for marketing cannot ignore them. Even better is the fact that AI can make fairly accurate predictions and tell you what the most potent solutions are for your needs.

The Benefits of Using AI for Marketing

Automation aside, there are many other benefits to be gained when applying AI for marketing. As the Content Marketing Institute pointed out, you can count on AI to help with:

  • PPC ads, assessing channels and helping you make far more empowered decisions, really optimizing your targeted ads on everything from their design to their wording
  • Personalization – With machine learning marketing, your content can be continually tweaked based on your visitors’ behaviors. Whether it is influenced by demographics, location, browsing history, or other factors, AI is able to make every visit more meaningful on a one by one basis
  • Content – AI-generated content is still far into the future, but you can count on AI for marketing in terms of the focus or content of messages like emails or social media. AI also curates content for your social media channels based on actual data, empowering every single message sent
  • Chatbots – We’ve all used automated chatbots, and yet they are not often “tweaked” as AI for marketing. Personalizing your content, offering customized AI operators on each visit, and enhancing service experiences are all part of what AI chatbots can do.
  • Empowered Emails – Imagine how much more effective email messaging would become if it were the end result of vast amounts of data being assessed, content curated, and messages targeted based on individual consumer behaviors. AI makes just this sort of email messaging possible.

There are so many other ways that machine learning marketing is available to you, and in which AI can benefit your marketing plans and goals. If you want to discover how to begin using AI to your advantage, contact the team at Organically to discuss your plans and needs, and determine the best ways to deploy AI for your company’s growth.