When a consumer sees an advertisement, they are being bombarded with a message that they didn’t ask to see, and don’t feel any connection to. Now, a great ad can change their opinion – but their first reaction is probably not excitement. However, a blog post is an entirely different thing. Blog posts represent the chance to gain information, be entertained, get some questions answered, be inspired, or all of the above. And that’s something much more intriguing to a consumer than passively viewing an ad. Blog marketing can be much more valuable than ads for many businesses – and here are the stats to prove it.

Hundreds of Millions of Consumers Respond to Blog Marketing Every Month

Did you know that over 329 million people read blogs every single month? Blogs are a very easy way for these consumers to gain some quick information about a topic, a brand, or a product – and that’s something that people really love. Boosting the search engine optimization on your blog is a great way to start attracting some of this huge group of potential customers!

Great Content is Considered the Most Effective SEO Tactic by Marketers

Marketers agree that great content is more effective by more than half compared to other SEO tactics. While keyword usage and other tactics are very useful as well, conversion happens because the consumer relates to your content. This is something that GrowMore can help with. If you aren’t sure how to create content that connects, educates, and excites your readers, our team of writers can provide you with well-written content that you can use to boost your blog marketing efforts.

Blog Marketing Is More Cost Effective Than Advertisements

Statistics show that blog marketing costs 60% less than traditional advertising campaigns. Even when that cost includes hiring professional content creators to keep your blog up-to-date and perfectly edited, you’ll reduce the cost you have to spend to attract customers. One of the reasons for this is that it’s easy to use free methods to attract more readers to your blog. Simply by posting your blog links on social media and in email campaigns that you are already using, you can easily boost your blog results.

Here’s How to Get Custom Blog Content from SEO Professionals

At GrowMore, we work with you to design the content that you need to boost your blog marketing efforts. You provide us with topics, or simply give us some guidelines, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll review everything if you prefer, or allow us to do the work and you can simply reap the rewards of a consistently updated blog. Our team has over 20 years of experience creating quality content for businesses in all industries. Learn how we can help you today.