You might have just come to understand a lot about SEO and feel proud of yourself for being able to explain to others around you. Unfortunately, marketing is never static and you have to also learn the value of local SEO. What is it? It is among the strongest business strategy tools, and something you have to consider when working on your marketing plans.

What the Heck is Local SEO?

So, SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it means you are working on ensuring that every web page associated with your business has been “optimized” with the right keywords, content and information needed. If they are, they drive your details higher and higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Now, there are lots of moving parts to SEO, including everything from page headings and meta data to keywords, backlinks and more. Local SEO is simply another facet of SEO that ensures you have promoted your services or products to local customers by developing a strategy for winning at local search.

Does this matter if you are not a brick and mortar business or one that specializes in your area? Yes. This is because modern business strategy tools have to take both voice and mobile search into account, and that means that the Google algorithm also uses location to kick out results.

As an example, let’s say someone is seeking out a specific type of product and using their mobile device to do it. That search engine knows just where they are and will generate SERPs based on that location. Even if you are not winning the regular SEO game and have yet to hit the first page of SERPs, the fact that you have done local SEO means you are going to probably “win” this round of search.

Why? Because you have ensured that place names, phrases like “near me” and other voice search terms are part of your SEO efforts in addition to competitive keywords. This enables anyone seeking whatever it is you have to offer to find you as the nearest provider – even if they didn’t necessarily ask for the nearest.

Your Business Strategy Tools with Big ROI

You have a long list of business strategy tools available to you in this day and age, but if you are ignoring local SEO (whether or not you are a brick and mortar or locally based firm) is unwise. Because roughly 95% of all smartphone users rely on that device for any local or general searches, your efforts at tagging yourself locally will always pay off. If you claim your Google location and make it easy for anyone who finds you through these business strategy tools to also phone you with a tap or head to your website with a tap, you’ve made the very most of this opportunity.

Are you eager to see what local SEO will do for your business? If you haven’t built it into your array of business tools already, now is the time. The team at Organically can help you strategize and determine the best way to use SEO (local or traditional) to your advantage.