Do you know how to get the most traffic on your blog? Search engine optimization is one way to enhance your blog marketing strategy, but there are other ways to draw in readers. One of those is to get more referral traffic, which means traffic that is coming from places where you’ve linked your blog. Whether that is on your social media posts, on guest blogs on other sites, or through advertisements, you can acquire valuable referral traffic that will boost your blog following. Here are some tips to stop missing out on this lucrative traffic avenue.

Get Involved and Comment on Other Blogs for Better Blog Marketing

While you likely already know how important guest blogging is for boosting your blog marketing, did you know that commenting on other industry blogs is also a big help? Look for websites with a thriving comments section, where the blog owner regularly interacts with readers and draws from comments in subsequent posts. Then get involved, posting your thoughts and questions. You’ll actually want to interact here, don’t just leave a link to your own website – but of course, don’t forget to put your blog link in your user profile so that readers can go from your comments to your site. Make your user name the same as your blog or brand, rather than your personal name – unless that is your brand, of course.

Leverage Visual Content to Its Fullest Extent

If you are used to posting links on Facebook and Twitter with each blog post, you may not have realized that blog marketing still does happen on other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. If you have great visual content, or can make infographics and images out of your content, these platforms are excellent for getting referral traffic. If your brand is something that attracts DIY-ers, fashion lovers, lovers of new recipes, or homeowners interested in home improvement, Pinterest could especially be an excellent place to get referral traffic. Be sure you are considering all the options for your visual content, because imagery is king when it comes to blog

Build Relationships with Local Businesses for Better Local SEO

In addition to partnering with local businesses online, it’s also a great idea to build relationships with local colleagues offline. For example, sponsor a local event to get your brand name and blog address in front of a whole new local crowd. Or speak at local events and conferences to connect with people on a one-on-one basis. Although you can’t always track the referral traffic from in-person meetings, it’s still a great way to boost your blog traffic in a way that can result in far more conversions.

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