Increasing the traffic to your website is the number one goal of any blog marketing strategy. But there are many ways to achieve traffic. In addition to search engine optimization through keywords, links, and other practices, you should also consider how your website is gaining traction through referrals.

Referral traffic means any clicks that lead to your website from other websites. So, your social media marketing strategy could include more links to your website to help increase your referral traffic. But that is just one way to do this. Here are a few tips that any marketing agency should be using to generate more of this traffic:

Get Your Website Listed for Better Local SEO

One of the easiest ways to get your website growing with referral clicks is to get registered on directory sites. These include sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, but also include local and industry-specific directories. For example, if you are a tourist attraction in a specific city, be sure that the city’s website has your business website listed under their “Things to Do” page. These types of directories won’t increase your traffic overnight, but they will generate quality leads for free.

Become a Guest Poster to Increase Blog Marketing Opportunities

Guest blogging is a great way to get your website’s links in front of a new audience. The trick is finding another website to post on that is relevant to your industry, but not catered to the same audience that you already serve. For example, consider guest blogging for a website in the same industry, but that targets a different set of local SEO keywords (such as a gym in another city if you are a trainer in a nearby area). Or consider an industry adjacent to yours – such as a dog training blog if you make and sell custom dog apparel. Be sure your name and website are featured in the post so that the audience can get to your content!

Create Branded Graphics to Share On Social Media

Marketing on social media is all about visuals. Branded infographics are a great tool to have for automatic traffic that you don’t have to do any more work for. If you can create eye-catching infographics that share quality information, they’ll be passed around Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. Be sure the infographic has your website name featured in a place where it can’t be cropped out, and make the infographic clickable to your website any time you share it. This allows anyone who sees it to get back to your site. Once you create this infographic and put it out into the world, your work is done! The graphic will continue to draw in new referral traffic for you automatically.

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