While having an online presence is a must in today’s business world, no one ever said that writing blogs was easy. If you’ve stared at one-too-many blinking cursors to even think about attempting a blog marketing campaign again, GrowMore is the answer for you. Here’s how our affordable and easy services can get you the traffic you want, while you focus your time on what really matters.

Keyword Planning and a Content Marketing Plan to Ensure Traffic

We start at the very bottom, building you a custom content marketing strategy that is designed to attract your target audience. You’ll have a consultation with a Google Certified marketing expert, where we’ll discuss everything from what you want to achieve, to what your buyer persona is all about. Then we go in-depth with detailed keyword planning to ensure that your core themes are always presented in every post.

Creative Topic Development with a Focus on Local SEO

Each month, you’ll get eight blog posts written and edited by professional copywriters. Your digital marketing plan is always front and center, meaning your posts will be on topic for your industry, full of great information for your audience, and representative of your brand’s personality. We do it all from topic creation to final publication, so you never have to look up from your own to-do list. All blogs are sent to you for final approval before posting, so you can ensure that your message is being presented accurately.

Extensive Reporting Keeps You Up-to-Date on Your Digital Marketing Success

Once a month, you’ll get a detailed report of how your blog marketing is performing. You will know exactly how much traffic you are earning, and how your SEO ranking has improved over the month. The longer we write with you, the more time Google has to index new blogs, so you’ll get an even better view of your company’s online marketing success as time goes on. The cumulative effect of an up-to-date blog can be quite amazing; driving conversion rates higher as the strategy builds over time.

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What we do best is free up your time, so that you can keep your eyes on your business goals. Our team includes everyone you need for quality online content, from the marketing specialist to the copy editor. You can find out more about our affordable services, or see how easy it is to get started, on our website. There are no contracts and no risk to try us out. Our proven results offer you a turn-key digital marketing solution that’s easy to understand and benefit from; that’s why we named it GrowMore.

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