Blogs are incredible for generating traffic on your website, and for helping grow your customer database. However, your blog can benefit you in ways you may not even realize. How? Researching and editing blogs helps you stay on top of the latest industry trends and research.

How Your Content Marketing Can Propel Your Business Forward

Even if you outsource your blogs to an SEO agency like Organically, chances are someone on your team is reading them. Given that the content is completely tailored to your industry, editing or reviewing a company blog can provide great insight with powerful data surrounding buying patterns, conversion optimization trends, social media advertising, video advertising and more.

How and Why You Should Optimize Your Blogs for Long Tail Keywords


How to Get More Out of Your Content Marketing


To get the most out of your content marketing efforts, ensure there is a system in place for sharing information learned either by researching or reading a blog. Including statistics in a company newsletter, or during meetings is a great way to ensure your employees get the most benefit from your added knowledge.


It’s also a great idea to ensure you share all blogs on your social channels. In fact, it’s even advised you share your articles on social more than just once (just make sure you switch out the content!). You can even utilize video to benefit your content marketing by creating video intros for your blogs and embedding those in your website (share those on social too!).


Why You Need at Least 8 Blogs a Month to Drive Serious Traffic to Your Website


Consider Outsourcing


Outsourcing your blogs might just be the most cost-effective way to handle your content marketing. In fact, Organically’s blog program can save a company an average of $55 per article! Not only will you be saving costs, but your employees can still benefit from the industry knowledge found in the articles by sharing the blogs internally.


Furthermore, Organically is a Google Certified Partners agency with years of experience crafting successful SEO campaigns for clients. Not only do you get custom, high-quality content from our team of experienced staff writers, we also know how to optimize your blog pages for better results in the search engines! Visit our content services page to learn more!


Having a blog can help your business grow in many ways!