Google’s most recent release is a big help for companies wondering how their mobile content marketing efforts have been performing, but do you know how to improve your rating? The Speed Scorecard is a system that shows you how fast your website loads on mobile devices, while the Impact Calculator gives you a rating on a sliding scale that shows how your mobile site speed is impacting your revenue from mobile users. These are free tools that work together to give you an idea of how your mobile performance is helping your blog marketing.

Understanding Your Digital Marketing Efforts: How Does Google Measure Your Mobile Speed?

The first thing you need to know before you can improve your rating on the mobile scorecard is how Google measures your mobile speed. There are three things that Google uses: First Contentful Paint, Onload, and DomContentLoaded. These strange-sounding metrics are something that Google gathers from mobile device users. Basically, these metrics boil down to the average monthly visitors to your site, the average conversion rate, and the average order value. The information from all three of these things is aggregated together into your mobile scorecard rating.

Why Does Mobile Speed Matter for Blog Marketing?

Did you know that improving your mobile site speed by even a second has shown to improve conversion rates? It’s true. Not only does this one second boost your own content marketing efforts, but it’s also part of the three metrics used above to rate you on the mobile scorecard from Google. And if your users and conversion rates go up, then your mobile score will also rate higher.

To sum it all up: Google measures your user and conversion rates, as well as your mobile site speed, and shows you how the two integrate together. The more users you have, the higher you’ll rank on Google’s mobile scorecard, and the faster your website will load, which then, in turn, leads to more users. This is a cycle you definitely want to be a part of!

It All Goes Back to Great Search Engine Optimization and Blog Marketing

As you can see, the best way to raise your mobile scorecard rating is to increase your monthly users and conversions. And that all comes back to focusing on your search engine optimization. From posting more regularly, to improving your keyword usage, to ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly, ranking better in searches and drawing in more traffic is how you’ll rate higher in the Google mobile scorecard tool.

That is where Organically can help. We can help you design a mobile marketing plan for your blog that will increase mobile users and conversions. Get in touch with us or check out our services to learn more.