There are lots of worn-out expressions like “if the shoe fits,” or “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” and while there is a lot of wisdom in them, not many of us actually follow their advice. As an example, did you take the time to determine if your digital marketing agency, digital advertising agency, or marketing consultant was an excellent fit for your business needs?

As an example, did you head straight to the largest, or smallest, agency? Did you take the time to identify your needs before getting to work? It is a simple truth that a digital marketing agency is an essential key to success if your business does not have an in-house marketing department or group.

Yet, what can you reasonably expect from a digital advertising agency, whether you took the time to find a “shoe that fits” or not?

Digital Marketing Agency Hiring – A Primer

For those new to the hiring of a digital marketing agency, it is wise to think of it in the same way you would hiring an employee. That means:

  • Itemizing the job description (which is basically all of your anticipated marketing needs)
  • Aligning potential hires to those needs. Do they have the experience, competencies, skills, and even industry knowledge most beneficial to you?

Now, that is not near enough information to thin the field to a manageable level. That means you will want to explore options with task specialization (such as SEO), or with experience in your specific industry.

You also want to shop for a firm that offers differentiation or a value proposition. As an example, are there any Google-certified people on staff? Naturally, references are essential, and it pays to compare the work they have done for others against your goals and vision.

Then, it is time to dig in and ask the tough questions.

What to Ask of a Digital Advertising Agency

When narrowing down or finalizing your digital advertising agency hiring process, you will need to ask some tough questions and understand what the answers signify. For example:

  • What does a specific agency promise to deliver in quantifiable ways? For example, will they be able to offer data and analysis about campaigns or other efforts? 
  • What strategies are they going to employ to give the ROI needed?
  • How open are they when asked about methodology and their model for working with clients? If transparency is absent, count on the same if you work with them.
  • What marketing tools are going to be used?

Is this a lot of work? Yes, but it is vital to keep in mind that the return on your efforts is incredibly important. The group or individual you hire is responsible to you as a partner in your business’ growth and success. The team at Organically offers a transparent process and a team of Google certified experts. They can evaluate your needs and partner with you to create a strategy for success, whether your goals are very simple or complex, and let you know just what you can expect from their services.