Remember emoticons? The blending of letters and symbols to make a sketch of an emotion (¯\_()_/¯, for example). It was all the rage in the day of the flip phone. It was necessary to go to those lengths, typing out all of those odd letters and symbols because phones did not have anything like the graphical qualities they offer today. Now, we have emojis, and social advertising relies on them more than ever.

That means anyone hoping to enhance the outcomes of marketing efforts will want to work with their digital advertising agency to get the scoop on the use of these fun and communicative figures that work so easily with text. 

Is it really necessary? Absolutely, a TIME article noted that more than 35% of people aged 18 to 34 (i.e., Millenials), prefer the use of an emoji over the use of an English-language work in their text. They indicated that they felt it conveyed their feelings more accurately and that the next generation down agreed (Gen Z). Since both groups must be part of any emerging audience, and since social advertising is one of the most direct methods of communication with them, it is imperative to integrate emojis into your plans.

Reasons Use Emojis in Your Social Advertising

Perhaps one of the first things you discovered when sitting down to work your digital advertising agency professionals was that appropriate audience or client profiles are part of any effective campaign. In other words, if you are unclear about who you are selling to, it is almost impossible to craft the right message. 

So, the idea of using emojis to speak directly to an audience that features Millenials and even those younger and older than them is very wise. Is that the only reason? No, and you need to understand them all:

  • Non-threatening Emotion – It can be difficult to convey emotion in advertising without it also being unwelcome, misinterpreted, or threatening. The emoji uses a tiny space and can convey dozens of words
  • Attention – They are one of the most potent tools for grabbing the eye of a viewer and drawing them to the relevant text
  • Culture – Love them or hate them; emojis are now part of the culture and using them makes your message contemporary and relevant
  • Camouflage – If you want to create ads appear similar to regular social media messages, emojis are a great way to do it

As you can see, if doing social advertising, emojis may be an essential part of success. But, is that true for all firms?

Work with Your Digital Advertising Agency If Considering Emojis

Here’s the thing: Not every firm can use emojis. If they don’t integrate well with your company’s voice or specific vibe, it can make your advertising seem unprofessional, too casual or even offensive. The best bet when considering a unique twist in your messaging is to work with an expert digital advertising agency. Organically, is an award-winning team of digital marketing experts and they can work with you to hone your messages and sharpen your strategies, even if that means discussing whether or not emojis can become a part of your plans.

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