So, you’ve gotten yourself super-charged for some social media marketing, and you are excited by all of the hype that has built up around the use of social channels to sell and grow brand recognition. It is entirely true and accurate to talk about social media marketing as the ultimate word of mouth, and it truly does provide even the smallest operator with global reach.

However, not every digital agency or marketing team is as transparent about this form of marketing. It is vitally important that you know one thing that many experts do not share.

Power in Your Knowledge about Social Media Marketing

Whether or not you have met with a digital agency to talk about your marketing needs, you will already have a few ideas of what to expect. As an example, you know they can help with issues like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), design, content, strategy, and more. You also know that they can provide a level of creativity and planning that most business owners do not have readily available.

So, what’s the big secret you are not hearing? It is this: Social media marketing needs to be done as organically as possible if it is to achieve your goals, and that takes time. In other words, the best results do not happen after your first campaign is launched. Instead, it is a matter of persistence, patience, time, and a team of experts. And this is where your need for a skilled digital agency comes into play.

A Digital Agency Puts Together All the Pieces

Organic social media marketing may use a few paid ads, but the bulk of its results come from excellent content that earns the trust of readers, and to such an extent that they share it, talk about it, and generate interest in your material. It also means that you’ll have to accumulate the right number of likes, which doesn’t happen instantly. Platforms like Facebook start to generate better results once a post hits over one thousand likes.

Don’t forget that interaction is necessary, and timely responses, as well as properly crafted responses, are the order of the day. That represents a substantial amount of time invested in social media, and yet it is just one element of your overall marketing strategy.

If you have colleagues telling you that YouTube videos are your ideal social marketing option or that Twitter is great for your promotional ideas, or even that Facebook is the only way to go, it is time to get some help. And if your marketing team insists that you can get lightning-fast results with your social media work, it may be a good time to look for help with those who admit the truth.

The team of experts at Organically offers you an award-winning team of Google certified professionals. They understand that your business needs more than just a great social media strategy. Whether you are a startup, looking to heighten brand recognition, build a customer base, or even reinvent your brand without starting entirely from scratch, they are the digital agency for you.