Did you know that July 17 is National Hammock Day in the U.S.? Perhaps you are blissfully unaware of the fact that August 13 is a day dedicated to left-handed people? The 30th of August is also National Marshmallow Toasting Day. 

What has this to do with your social media advertising or digital marketing? The plain fact of the matter is that many holidays – major or minor – exist because of another person’s desire to do some clever marketing. Though few holidays will relate directly to any specific business, it is entirely possible to leverage them into your social media advertising and digital marketing strategies.

Social Media Advertising and Holidays…Any Holidays

Any modern marketing requires a constant supply of unique, authoritative, and original content. As we so often hear, “content is king,” and yet it can be remarkably challenging to create something new. That’s where the many oddball holidays can enter the equation and be put to use for marketing on social media. 

Of course, there is a single major caveat to this, which is that you must avoid overusing these days in your advertising. Instead, go through different websites that list them, and tag those that seem easy to use for your niche or market. 

Then, it is simply a matter of creating exciting content and deals that tie into their focus. Some ideas:

  • Food-related days can allow you the chance to buy some treats for the office, snap photos of the team enjoying them, and then sharing those images to your social media stream
  • Friendship and family days are great for getting social media followers to “tag” others, but you need to ensure the reply and tagging comes with an appealing incentive
  • Days that provide a nudge, like National Trivia Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day are good examples of using your social media ads to interact directly with the audience and build trust

As you can see, there are almost no limits to the creative ways you can start to generate content for social media by aligning it with a big or small holiday.

Digital Marketing Requires Planning

Although we said there was a single caveat to this, we need to dial back and talk about another caveat-like issue – planning. Any social media advertising has to be plotted out at least a month in advance, but preferably much farther. Developing a campaign around the use of a holiday cannot be done overnight. While some smaller tactics, such as celebrating a national food day with the team and sharing a snap to social media might seem spur of the moment, it isn’t.

It is best to sit down with the digital marketing experts at Organically to talk about the use of holidays to spur the creation of unique and effective content for your social media efforts. There are many days to celebrate, and chances are that you’ll easily identify several that can be put together a list of three or four (perhaps just a few more) to integrate into your stream and begin measuring the kinds of outcomes desired.