To any business owner it might seem as if the pressure to integrate video marketing into their social media marketing plans increases by the day. To be fair, that is not too much of an exaggeration. This is because video is fast replacing text in many forms of advertising. Not only is it an incredibly potent resource in the world of SEO, but it is a power player in social media marketing.

Many social media users say they would prefer to click on a video in their stream instead of clicking a blog and navigating away. In spaces like Twitter, you are likely to see six times the retweets when it is a video Tweet, and even Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it was a “megatrend”.

Yet, it is not just a single type of video that appears in social media.

Many Faces of Video Marketing

Video marketing can be done in many ways, including animation, professional filming and DIY styles, as well as live video streams. The choice of which type is a lot easier to make than the overall content. And this has to do mostly with the nature of the sites on which those videos will appear.

Facebook, as a prime example, is about entertainment, which can be amusing but also informative. Recipes, after all, are often the focus of entertaining videos shared to Facebook. The same can be said of Instagram, but it is quickly emerging as a key component in most video marketing strategies. 

Then, there are the types of videos. For instance, a list can include:

  • Tutorials
  • Demos
  • Educational
  • Behind the Scenes
  • User-Generated
  • Live

As is so often the case with designing marketing plans, it is important to craft the message that best suits your audience’s needs. This is not as easy as many believe.

Social Media Marketing with Video Requires Expert Help

Any video marketing that you do cannot stand apart from the social media marketing plans you have in place. Additionally, the video content needs to merge seamlessly with the rest of your strategy. While it is great to create a quick thank you video when you hit a specific mark or goal, the actual advertising content needs to be the best quality possible.

This does not mean you need to blow the entire budget on a short video. Instead, it means that everything from the script to the graphics and the overall look of the finished product need to be in perfect alignment.

As an example, let’s say you want to add a tutorial to show viewers the many ways they can put your product or service to use. Should it be humorous? Animated? Quick? Lengthy? Open to comments? There is much to consider, and if video is going to enter your social media mix, you’ll want to work it all out with experts. The team at Organically is highly skilled in developing strategies and plans that include the use of video for social media and other marketing plans.