It is now more important than ever to improve your brand’s awareness online. As more customers move to mobile, they begin looking at brands differently. A unique, trustworthy brand is the most important tool in online business. With that said, we compiled a list of ways to set your brand apart, so you make more sales and build a recognizable brand potential customers can trust.

#1 Publish Concise, Relevant Content

Online users don’t want to read a novel when they scroll through your website; nor do they want an expose’ on why your brand is the most important things since sliced bread. Online customers are famously impatient and picky about what they read. Professional writers and bloggers often suggest writing informally on the web so customers can relate to you. Depending on your business and target market, this is good advice half of the time. Instead, publish what you think your customers want to read and start by publishing something you would want to read if you were a customer. Don’t write a novel, but don’t write a blurb either. Think short, sweet, and relevant.

#2 Experiment With Different Types of Media

Customers want to feel like a business is making an effort, especially online. Within a sea of ads and information, your business must stand out, and that means avoiding the same mediocre, tedious material you see your competitors posting. A great way to reinvigorate your content is by experimenting with several kinds of media. If you often post small blurbs on Facebook, try a video post instead, or maybe even a professional graphic to spice up your content.

#3 Go The Extra Mile

Many business choose to ignore their customers online, often without their knowledge. It’s important to not just create a social media page and forget it. To expand your business online, you have to communicate with your customers. Answer questions, respond to comments—in other words, ENGAGE. When you get in the habit of engaging on a regular basis, it will start to become easier and faster, and once you have it down, start going the extra mile. Provide short tidbits of information in the comments section, or maybe even choose a customer at random to receive a prize. These small acts create brand ambassadors among your followers—those customers who will spread the word about your brand online.

In short, create relevant content, experiment with that content, and create an awesome customer experience by going the extra mile. By creating and maintaining an active brand online, you become “real” in the eyes of your followers and set your brand apart.

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