Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll try to include a reference to the NFL in every conversation. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. NFL analysts and fans have been up in arms saying: ‘Let’s do away with the Pro Bowl, it’s no good anymore.’ Instead of doing away with it, this year the players and coaches used every asset they had to give the fans 4 quarters full of surprises, neat twists, awesome displays of athleticism and unique moments. Jeff Saturday got one last snap to Peyton Manning. Phil Dawson wowed the crowd with that backwards/sideways-with-the-heel onside kick. What about AJ Green and Kyle Rudolph making those awesome catches, or Russell Wilson tossing picture perfect spirals like it was a playoff game?

Sure didn’t look like the same old, same old Pro Bowl to me.

Advanced SEO from Organically Interactive offers you that same energized approach, not the same old, same old search engine optimization that stops with a few light adjustments to a website.

It Isn’t Always Necessary to Start Over or Add a New Campaign

The solution to every marketing problem isn’t always scrapping the website, or starting a whole new campaign. The issue often is that there are a lot of assets operating separately, none of which build on the energy of the others. Take this example which represents a composite of many of the customers we meet with each week. We’ll call him Dave.

Dave recently asked for some advice on how to drive more traffic to his website. He was doing everything right, he thought. He had a blog that he posted to 3-4 times per week, he had conducted some key phrase research, had an email marketing campaign going and was even tracking his progress in Google Analytics. Still few people read his blog or ordered any of his products. What was he missing, he wondered?

After a few minutes talking to Dave, we let him know that yes, he was doing many things well, all the ingredients were there, but…

And this was a big but…

He needed to think about SEO in a wider context. We didn’t tell Dave that he had to reinvent or get rid of anything. (None of that ‘Do away with the Pro Bowl’ stuff.) What we noticed was that he had optimized some of his main site pages, but his blog headlines and copy contained no keywords. He provided compelling offers in marketing emails that had no subject lines. He had not set up goals in Google Analytics or learned how to read the analytics data provided through his email marketing service. And most important, there was no tie-in between Dave’s blog and social networks; i.e. his blog posts couldn’t be easily shared.

We presented Advanced SEO as a set of principles that could connect the dots between his blog, his email marketing campaigns and his analysis of his progress in Google Analytics. Advanced SEO is unbound by convention. It spans social media, website analysis and usability to deliver plain English, common sense insights. Dave picked up on this idea right away and began applying Advanced SEO’s holistic approach to all of his marketing.

The result: Keywords became something more than what you put into a meta tag. Blog posts didn’t stand alone in silos anymore; they became the all-stars in Dave’s social media campaigns. And more people opened his emails once they were invited to do so via attention-grabbing subject lines (a dash of Phil Dawson onside kick). Advanced SEO didn’t leave out offline marketing, either: We even got Dave to add his URL to his business cards and trade show promotional folders.

It’s this type of thinking that sets Advanced SEO apart. It all starts with listening to people like Dave and finding out what it is that he really wants. Then once we know what he wants, we ask a lot of questions to refine our solution. Advanced SEO will get every asset a company owns working better and we’ll create new assets so our customers will enjoy greater online visibility and more conversions.

So what about you? Do like Dave. Save money; don’t scrap what you have. Get Advanced SEO and make all of your marketing activities work seamlessly together.

Connect the dots today with Advanced SEO from Organically Interactive. Contact us for more information and a custom proposal.

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