As social media marketers, the team at Organically Interactive is always trying out new software and tools to make our process more efficient. Through trial and error, we’ve found that some tools stand the test of time while others fade quickly into our bookmarks bars. With that in mind, we decided to share what we believe are the best content marketing tools of 2015.

The list below is by no means exhaustive; instead, we hand-picked our favorite services to share with our readers.

Social  Media Content Marketing Tools


It’s the largest social network in the world and perhaps the best way to connect with existing customers and potential ones as well. Over the years, Facebook created an extensive set of tools for business owners to market their brands. These tools include a powerful analytics suite,


With over 200 million users, Twitter is a popular social network with many opportunities to promote your brand. Twitter has also built up its branding and business tools in recent years, and now it is easier than ever to promote your business.

Content Creation Tools


At Organically Interactive, Evernote is one of our most used software tools for content marketing. Not only do we utilize the handy note app for schedules and collaboration, it’s also excellent for managing interesting content and keeping everything tidy. Their web clipper allows users to clip interesting articles from the web and add them to notebooks, and their sync features come in handy when you are on the road with only an iPad or smartphone in hand.


Cut down on your editing time with Grammarly, a one of a kind proofreader and spell checker that claims to correct up to 10k more mistakes than your average word processor. Though we never recommend relying solely on software too much for editing, Grammarly is a great way to double check your edited articles and tweak them a bit.

Google Docs

Now we arrive at Organically Interactive’s most used content marketing tool: Google Docs. One of the first real collaborative editing tools, Google Docs came onto the scene in 2007 and continued to improve its functionality. Documents are autosaved and hosted in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about backups. The true power of Google Docs is within its collaborative editing modes and sharing capabilities. Our articles often go through several iterations from various authors, which makes Google Docs the perfect fit for content creation and editing.

Content Marketing Publishing Tools

Sprout Social

So, what do you do with all of the social media posts you create? Often, content marketers spend countless hours just posting content, which takes time out of their day in which they could be creating. Sprout Social makes publishing content a breeze. You can even add multiple accounts and use their handy calendar scheduling tool to see all of the posts in queue for a day. What we appreciate most, though, is that Sprout Social, unlike their competitor Hootsuite, doesn’t add tags to the end of their posts. It’s a nice touch that makes an already useful software tool even better.


Perhaps one of the easiest email marketing clients to use, Mailchimp is also a designer-friendly email service with several modern templates to choose from, too. They also have feature-rich iOS and Android apps to manage your e-mails—if you have some extra money to spend on an Apple Watch, Mailchimp also recently came out with an app for the Apple Watch, though we haven’t tested this feature.

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