Often when someone wants to employ an Internet marketing firm, they will search for ‘the best SEO company.’ This quest for the Holy Grail of SEO is not surprising; who wouldn’t want to sign up with the very best agency? This search does raise a good point: does the best SEO company exist, and if it does, how do you know if that agency is really right for you?

The criteria used to judge the best SEO company is subjective; what matters most to you is will the firm understand your business and your particular challenges – you need more than an SEO firm, you need a true partner who can build your online visibility and keep you on the right side of Google so you don’t get penalized for poor copy, bad links, and other black hat issues. There is no value in fast results that might be tainted through the use of underhanded tactics that try to trick the search engines.

So now that we have redefined ‘the best SEO company’ to ‘the best SEO company for you,’ let’s dig deep and give you a tutorial on how you can take control of the agency/client relationship right from the beginning of your campaign.

Be Ready to Invest in Content Creation & Distribution

This point cannot be over=emphasized. Most clients we see at Organically are battling a content deficit issue. Their competitors often have the advantage in quantity, quality and diversity of content; onsite and offsite. When you begin work with your agency, you’ll know that they are the best SEO company for you if they encourage you to invest in content for your campaign. One of the main barriers to an organic SEO campaign’s success is the misunderstanding between agency and client about the importance of content. Once this issue is resolved, another bottleneck can occur if there are delays in uploading new content to the client website. It is highly recommended that you allow the SEO company to perform this task. That way if you are busy you will not have to take valuable time away from your business to attend to this issue. Allowing the agency to handle this will ensure a steady stream of content added to your site, which is preferred by both site visitors and Google.

Talk to your agency about the type of content they will create for you. Be proactive and be open to all forms of content. You may wish to create or add to your YouTube channel. Infographic marketing is effective – perhaps you have a designer on staff who can help or you can outsource this to your agency. The goal is to make the investment in content that provides value to your audience; it should show them how to do something, give them answers to their questions, provide important background details, etc. Plan your content out in advance with your agency and also be ready for spontaneous content brainstorming that can help put your company in the limelight.

Jump Into Social Media with Both Feet

If you don’t have time to run Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, talk to your agency about how these and other social networks can help build your brand and develop customer loyalty. Bonus Tip: Get your agency to combine your social campaign with an email campaign so you get the maximum ROI. You’ll get a big value-add if you have your SEO company craft a campaign that combines organic search, social, and email. In this way your agency can leverage the keyword research it does for organic across social and email, too. Your agency can reinforce the keyword themes across all these campaign components. Plus you’ll have multiple channels over which to re-purpose all the content that your SEO firm will be creating. Articles and blog posts they write for you can be linked to from email and social, and snippets of these articles can be used to create social posts that drive traffic to your website.

It’s All About Content Synergy

Content Synergy: That is the definition of an online marketing campaign that is based on quality content production and distribution. Each component of the campaign relies on top quality content that will focus user interest on your brand message and your unique value proposition. Copy, images, video, audio – all of these forms of content shared on your site, on social media and via email allow your customers and prospects to engage with you via multiple channels. You have a greater chance of reinforcing your message and driving consumers to conversion with an integrated campaign.

Organically creates and manages integrated campaigns (also including paid search, if you would like to include it) that lift our clients’ brand messages above the Internet’s noise. Whether your business is located in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, or Knoxville, TN or you are a national company, Organically can deliver a powerful campaign that drives sales.