How do you know if you need a digital marketing agency? Maybe you run a small Internet marketing campaign for your business and you’ve been pretty happy with the results. If you aren’t investing too much in the program, then a few phone calls and emails every month derived from it might seem sufficient. But what if you have important seasonal considerations and you want to get more customers during those times? Then you may have arrived at the point where hiring a digital marketing agency is a smart decision.

If you want to use the reach of the Internet to drive more business, hiring an expert digital marketing agency can save you time and money getting a professional level campaign set up and deployed. What’s more, they can spend time focusing just on the campaign, while you continue to focus on your business. They will need your assistance from time to time to help them get to know more about your industry and your competitors, but they will have the expertise to build your campaign and position you to reach your marketing goals.

If you have experienced any of the following issues, it’s likely you need a digital marketing agency to move your campaigns to new heights:

1) You aren’t getting very many referrals from your website. There could be many reasons for this, and a digital company’s job will be to build referral traffic to your website so people can get to know your brand and contact you for services. The agency can help position your site’s content higher in search results, develop a following for you on social media and create additional ways to publicize your business.

2) No one talks to you on social media. There are two main reasons for this: Lack of posting frequency and posting only about one’s business. Your digital marketing agency will know how to reach your audience. They will do the research necessary to discover what motivates your audience, and they will create content that directs them to action. Your agency will also post when your audience is most actively seeking a dialogue with you.

3) Your email marketing isn’t working. If you’re sending out email campaigns what do the results look like? If they’re less than what you hoped for, it’s time to have an expert run the show. One of the first things the digital company will want to do is segment your list so specific offers can be sent to only the people who have the best chance of being interested in them. Then your agency will examine your offer, your newsletter design and content, and how stats from each newsletter campaign are collected and what they tell you about your audience’s preferences. Email marketing is not dead, and you can build new revenue streams from your subscribers.

4) There’s not enough follow up going on with people who do contact you online. Perhaps there are people talking to you on social media and submitting contact forms on your website and you just don’t have time to answer them all. You’re leaving money on the table and potentially angering people who came to you for help and received no answer. Your digital marketing agency could handle this for you and drive new business.

5) You’re overwhelmed. If you’re buried in your own work, you may have no idea how a digital company could help you improve your marketing. It’s sure that some if not all of your competitors employ experts to help them gain market share. Don’t miss your chance to show the world why your company is different and what your unique value proposition is. You may want to hire a digital marketing agency who can introduce you to your audience in all the places they like to congregate online.

It’s okay to do your digital marketing yourself. But you have so many other things to do. Organically can help. Talk to us about your goals and let us develop a custom online marketing strategy just for you.