I don’t have time to blog. Many marketers have used that reason to explain why their blog languishes. They see competitors’ blogs flourishing and they know that their moribund blog represents an opportunity missed. But what to do about it? With travel, business meetings, sales – who has time to blog? If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair because a top digital marketing agency can turn around your blog so it goes from gathering cobwebs to becoming the hub of your social media campaign.

What if I Don’t Trust Outsourcing My Blog Content?

This is a common concern that many CEOs and marketing heads at companies have. There are several ways to approach this issue. If the blog stagnates, then a big opportunity to drive traffic to the website is being left on the table. Not only can blog posts rank for keywords, they can also be shared on social media and live again as feature stories in the company e-newsletter. There’s just too much to lose by not reviving or starting a blog. The key will be to control the topics and the tone of the content, in addition to creating a blog that offers a variety of experiences.

Work with Your Agency to Plan Content

Once you have decided to delegate content creation (and remember you don’t have to outsource all of your content) to your agency, then it’s important to stay involved in the planning phase. Tell your digital marketing agency which topics interest your audience. Provide the agency with lots of background material (fact sheets, brochures, articles, links) to help it add the necessary details to your blog posts. Ask to have the editorial calendar shared with you so you can see the trajectory of the content planning. Later as your agency creates and posts the blogs, work with them to review data and see which posts gained the most traction with users.

Another key point that your digital marketing company must address is creation of a variety of content. Talk with them about creating photo blogs, video blogs, interview Q & A blogs, infographic-based blogs, and more varied formats. By varying the content you can be sure to appeal to a wide range of readers who may engage differently – not everyone likes reading long blocks of text, especially online.

Social media and blogs are made for each other! The value-add is there when you create infographics plus image and video-based blogs, as these can become the basis of enticing tweets and Facebook posts, linking back to your site. If your digital marketing agency doesn’t handle your social accounts, ensure that someone in your office is posting your latest blogs on social media. Then track the effectiveness of these posts via Google Analytics and your favorite social analytics tool, such as Sprout Social or HootSuite.

But What if I Don’t Like the Content My Agency Develops?

The usual arrangement is that you will get to review any content before it goes live. If you are dissatisfied, ask the agency’s writers to edit the articles. If they still aren’t up to par, ask to meet with the writers; they may well wish to provide you with what you want, but might need a bit of coaching to get the message down. Worst case, you can find another agency to handle the work. Remember the value of a blog comes from quality content posted consistently. Your blog can potentially drive hundreds or even thousands of visits per month to your website. It’s worth the investment of resources to find a content development team you can work with who can make your blog a new source of conversions and leads.

Organically can help get your blog back on track, or can help you start a new one. Whether you’re marketing to customers in Knoxville, Gatlinburg, or Sevierville, TN or you serve national clients, our content drives sales. Talk to us today and let’s turn your blog into a lead generator!