In my first blog on this topic I discussed how and why marketers should embrace long-form content, and how doing so would provide benefits to their customers, and to their bottom line. In this second part of the series, I will examine some key ways that digital has influenced marketing and advertising. Let’s jump right in:

1) Personalization

Today via digital marketers can personalize messages more accurately than ever before. In fact, according to Shauna Ward’s article 5 Incredible Examples of Personalized Marketing businesses that personalize online experiences (according to data from MarketingProfs) realize a 19% increase in sales. This is huge! Just as Avinash Kaushik has said for years…segment, segment, segment! Doing this with email campaigns, websites and other digital assets returns real results, and these are proven, and have been for years.

2) Local, local, local

Dominating one’s local area is a great start to conquering the world – that may sound overly ambitious, but it’s spot on. Pouring more resources into local SEO can reap big dividends, especially with the blurring of the lines between local and mobile optimization.

3 ) Story-Telling is Key

It might sound trite but far from it – tell a great story and people will beat a path to your door. What makes a great story and how do you tell it? A genuine tale of someone who has used your product or service and is happy with it, complete with photos, video, testimonial – these are great for sharing on social media to get buzz going. No one can tell your story better than you can, but the tools to create stories are more abundant than ever today, thanks to our digital marketing realm. Here are two great ones you can use:

4) A picture is worth even more than a thousand words

Most everyone is aware that we’ve entered an image/video driven world, especially when it comes to marketing. From Vine, to Instagram videos, to YouTube, Vimeo and countless others, there are dozens of ways to tell stories with pictures. Probably the most popular of them all is Pinterest. Pinterest marketing is part art and science, and we recommend that every marketer learn the ins and outs of this powerful channel. Here’s a great blog to help you begin:

5) The tools are free for the taking

The digital age is the great equalizer – many of the tools of the trade are free, or offered on free trial, and then often for relatively affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions. These tools allow small agencies and one man shows to present themselves like the big boys. Yes, you can take your great idea to the masses with the right tools, try these and make it happen: