Ah the perfect reporting tool; does it exist? Perhaps your SEO company has revamped your reporting several times, trying to find the ultimate tool and reporting format that will give you the data you want in a package that makes interpreting it easy. If you’re still searching for the best way to make your data into decision-making gold, then fret no more. Check out our list of the top reporting and tracking tool templates. Find your favorites and forward them to your SEO firm. Then stand back and prepare to become suddenly organized and impressed with the resulting data presentation.

1) A terrific source I’ve recently discovered for templates is this post from Buffer. Buffer is no stranger to making life easier for marketers, but this particular post breaks down some of the best social media and web analytics templates out there. Ask your SEO company to review them with you and select the ones that you believe fit your needs. My favorites: The Inspiring Quotes sheet (great for when you need a quick post idea that you can use fast and combine with an intriguing free image from Pixabay.com or other similar stock image site) and there are multiple tips on some of the handiest Excel formulas for marketers.

2) One could go fishing in the Google Solutions Gallery and find some pretty useful templates. It’s a resource that should be checked periodically. It contains some great dashboards that can simplify reporting.

3) Kissmetrics has built its favorite list arranged by report type; from acquisition, to mobile and more. Included on Kissmetrics’ list is one from the dean of web analytics, Avinash Kaushik. Avinash’s Content Efficiency Report provides a great summary of page views, time spent on page, bounce rate and other metrics to give you a snapshot on how your content is performing.

There’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned analytical power, but to get to that point one has to have data that’s presented in an uncluttered and meaningful way. These templates will help you and your SEO agency get to the holy grail of data analysis the easy way.

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