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Think One Goal Focus

Goal Focused Marketing (GFM) is the newest addition to our service offerings, and since you may have some questions about what GFM is, how it works, and how you can start a GFM campaign, this blog will serve to answer some of those questions. If you have any other questions about Goal Focused Marketing, please feel free to contact us!

What is Goal Focused Marketing?

Goal Focused Marketing is a goal-centric approach to evaluating marketing performance. It aligns all offline and online marketing initiatives and identifies new opportunities that can help businesses achieve their goals. At the outset of a GFM engagement, you will collaborate with one of our marketing analysts to identify and define the One Goal Focus of the campaign.

Examples of GFM goals:

• Increase sales of widgets by 20% in the next year
• Sell 10 homes within 90 days
• Increase my Twitter followers to 500 within 6 Months
• Generate 10 new clients in 3 months

This goal will be unique to each business and will be clear and quantifiable. While businesses may have several different goals at once, we will ask that you either combine those goals or that you choose the most important goal to focus on during the GFM campaign.

All marketing initiatives and recommendations made during this engagement will be geared towards helping the business achieve this One Goal. GFM does not replace analysis that you are currently performing, but instead helps to better align all of your marketing and advertising campaigns to eliminate waste and increase sales.

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Goal Focused Marketing Approach and Process

Once the goal is defined at campaign outset, you will be asked to provide specific data on all of your marketing initiatives – online and offline. We will request that you provide any data that you currently have that relates to conversions, traffic, lead generation, etc. We will then begin to assimilate all of this information to form a more complete picture of your business’s position in the marketplace, areas where you may be able to improve your campaigns, areas that you are doing exceptionally well, and any marketing initiatives that are not currently being employed that we think would be highly effective.

Note: If you are not measuring a campaign currently, e.g., direct mail, print advertising, SEO, etc., we will begin measuring it and tracking its effectiveness immediately.

Goal Focused Marketing Deliverables

Once you sign up for a Goal Focused Marketing campaign, you will receive several deliverables each month. The bread and butter of your GFM engagement will be your Monthly Action Reports, which will include a detailed list of our recommendations and a brief summary as to why we believe they are essential to achieving or exceeding your target.

Deliverables may include (based on package):

• Bi-weekly action alert emails
• Monthly report with take-away points and strategic recommendations
• Phone consultations
• PowerPoint presentation that outlines actionable steps for quick review so that you can begin implementing them immediately.

Goal Focused Marketing: Why Should You Start a Campaign?

Save money on marketing initiatives that aren’t producing results. Instead of paying for mediocre results, we will help you get the most out of every marketing channel.
Professional, objective insight into your business’s marketing performance.
• A list of actionable steps that you can take immediately to improve your results.

We can also assist you with implementations of these changes or coordinate with your marketing team to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient.

How Much does GFM Cost?

Since each Goal Focused Marketing campaign will be unique to the business, there are many variables that go into determining its cost. Upon contact, we will create a customized proposal based on your business, the scope of your current advertising campaigns, and the length of the GFM engagement.

Deploy your Goal Focused Marketing campaign today, and gain the most value from every marketing dollar you spend!!

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