1. Speed, speed speed!

Akamai and Gomez.com conducted surveys to discover more than half of all web users expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. What does it cost you if your website takes longer to load? Just a one second delay can cost you 7% of your online conversions. In 2018, websites need to be faster than ever.


2. Apps designed for wearable gadgets

In 2018 wearable phone devices will become even more popular, with Apple expecting a 33% increase in Apple Watch sales next year. Expect to see an increase in apps designed for these devices. Fitness apps are perfect for watch wearers, and we hope for an increase in retail apps as well. Imagine walking into your favorite store to have a coupon from that retailer show on your wrist instantly! Even better, with Apple Pay, you may soon be able to check out with your purchases at a self-checkout-type kiosk.

3. Video

Video will continue to be popular on websites, as well as cinemagraphs. Videos which are done well and invoke an emotional response from the viewer are an effective means of having “shareable” material to generate links and help with SEO. Expect to see more videos in website banners in 2018, such as on this site designed by Organically.

4. Distinct Typography

The rules are bending on using only sans serif fonts on websites. While a font still needs to be legible above all else, web designers have more freedom than ever to experiment with custom typefaces. After all, in the current digital landscape where internet users see hundreds of advertisements a day, anything you can do to make your website feel like a custom experience for the user can help your brand stand out.

5. Storytelling

Personal stories about your brand from real life users have been popular for years. However, more and more these stories are popping up on websites in video and text form, and in blogs. By telling your brand’s story, you can raise awareness for your products and services while demonstrating their benefits, and relate to your audience in a personal, authentic way.

6. Virtual Reality

As mobile friendly virtual reality devices increase in popularity, more and more websites are supporting 360 web VR experiences. (Talk about taking user engagement to a whole new level!)

7. Share to Social

Social media continues to be a great resource for businesses, helping build brand awareness, generate leads, conduct consumer research and more. With the majority of adult internet users on at least one social platform, expect to see more “share” buttons in blogs and throughout website content.

No matter what the current web design trends are, make sure you aren’t making any of these (insert link to Lauren’s blog) mistakes with your website redesign. Consider using a Google Certified Partners Agency such as Organically for your web design needs and search engine optimization.

By Amara Young