Redesign Your E-mail Template

Design plays an important role in e-mails. Notice that top brands often spend a lot of time on their e-mail templates, and it shows. Large photos and interactive elements are commonplace now—yes, the years of plain text e-mails have come and gone—and attention to detail is paramount. The best way to ensure your receive a quality e-mail template is to hire a graphic designer or marketing firm that can code a customized template. If you’re looking for an easy way out, most e-mail providers like Constant Contact and Mailchimp provide templates to choose from, though they won’t represent your brand the way a customized template will.

Subject Lines Are Still Important

It’s the first thing people see when they login to their inbox, and with the vast number of e-mails most people receive it is important for your e-mail to stand out. Companies like Mailchimp and Constant Contact offer tools to analyze the keyword in your subject line, but, above all, it’s imperative that you pique the customer’s interest in second. Try something catchy but not too over the top.

Split Test Your E-mails

It’s hard to admit, but sometimes the first e-mail you write isn’t always the best, and that’s where split testing comes in. Split testing means developing two different types of e-mails or subject lines and sending both out to different e-mail subscribers. It’s useful to use split testing as a research tool, as you can see which types of e-mail or headlines resonate the most with your subscribers.

Make It Personal

As we mentioned before, people are so desensitized to e-mail, especially bland sales e-mails. That’s why adding a personal touch and a little bit of informality goes a long way. Try to identify with your customers and build a rapport by mixing some personal thoughts or informal language into your e-mails. You might just see a rise in conversions!

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