After social media broke onto the scene, many marketers were left scratching their heads, thinking, believing that email marketing was dead. What began as one of the fastest and most convenient methods of communication quickly started to show its age after messenger services like Facebook Messenger grew more popular. Regardless, email marketing is not dead; in fact, with the right tools and proper optimization, email marketing is an extremely successful way to market your product.

Carefully Collect Emails

Consumers are desperately protective of their email accounts; that’s why it is important to be completely transparent when it comes to collecting emails and marketing to a list. Be clear with how you collected your consumers’ emails, and only email those who granted you express permission. These are the loyalists, the consumers who will read your emails every month and spread the word. Stay away from blackout lists collected under questionable circumstances, and NEVER buy an email list.

Open Sesame!

The holy grail of email marketing is your open rate. Nowadays, with social media distracting your email list, it’s even more difficult to write an email subject line that piques your customers’ interests. We found that the emails with the best open rates were often those with a short, personal title. Stay away from overly long or spammy email subject lines. They are off-putting and undesirable to customers and will leave you with a low open rate.

Make Emails Interactive

Have you ever received a boring, poorly-formatted email and clicked the trash button before you even finished reading? This happens a lot to businesses who don’t know how to spice up their email template. The more interactive the email, the higher the chance your customers will respond and read longer. Services like MailChimp provide ready-made email templates to get you started, but the best course of action is a branded email template designed by a visual artist. Organically Interactive offers graphic design services for this very reason and branded email newsletters to promote your business.

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