Businesses with websites of 401-1000 pages get 6x more leads than those with 51-100 pages. (HubSpot Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses, 2011)

The above stat should convince you to get your Internet marketing agency moving on creating more pages for your website. It stands to reason: small sites usually won’t have the in-depth information that a larger site will have. The smaller site has less opportunities to internally link its pages together, and it also has less pages that can act as anchors for inbound links. Finally, users may be looking for key details that aren’t present on a small site but may be found on a site that has built out its page structure.

What Kind of Content to Add to a Small Website

Regular content creation will position your business as a thought leader. Think of this issue from the consumer side: who would you trust more – the site that answers your questions with details or one that mostly is page after page of two or three sentences and a big Contact Us form? Most consumers choose the former, and with good reason. Here’s an example that will illustrate the value of in-depth content for the buying cycle:

A consumer decides that he wants to take his family on vacation in Tennessee. He lives within easy driving distance of several cabin rental companies and doesn’t know which one he wants to choose. The cabin has to be near town, but secluded enough to allow for quiet times and also big enough for entertaining. The consumer needs a 3 bedroom cabin, with a private master suite. The other requirement is that the cabin has to be pet-friendly. These criteria are very specific. Many cabin rental companies could fulfill this vacationer’s request. So how would a savvy rental firm snag this customer?

Add In-Depth Details to Content

The winning cabin company’s Internet marketing agency will have made a commitment to creating unique and engaging content that not only discusses all the amenities of the client’s cabins, but also promotes the beauty and attractions of the surrounding area. These articles should live on the client’s site and they need to contain unique details, such as first-person accounts of visits to attractions, little-known facts that only locals could describe, etc. In other words, short articles that breeze through and describe a few local sights won’t be enough. These additional site pages will have to offer a much richer experience than competitors’ sites for Google to rank the website higher than other similar cabin companies. Here is an example of the type of content that consumers want and that Google loves. It is part of a page that was written for the keyword theme ‘Gatlinburg 3 bedroom cabins’:

‘Wander from your 3 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin and discover all that nature has to offer. You’ll notice when you hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park that the park offers hundreds of salamander species. In fact, the park has gained the name Salamander Park for that very reason. Along the creek beds and on the trails watch for amazingly colored salamanders of all sizes – they are part of a complex ecosystem that has existed for thousands of years in this area. While many people will be taking pictures of black bears, deer, birds and other wildlife, it’s fascinating to watch salamanders and they offer unique photo ops that you won’t find anywhere else.’

Vary the Length & Format of Your Content

It’s this level of detail that will separate one Gatlinburg, TN cabin rental company from another. Try this tip: Vary the length and format of your content. Several articles of at least 2,000 words will give people an opportunity to experience what it is you are selling. Short videos are great for people that need a how-to or a quick backgrounder. Insert zoomable images so site users can get a close view of your products. All of these types of content, plus infographics, podcasts and more will help ensure that your website satisfies users and keeps them coming back. If you satisfy users then you satisfy Google. Your site will rank higher than your competitors.

Committing to quality content creation is an investment that pays off in so many ways. Get the most out of the content that your Internet marketing company is creating for you.Don’t forget that there are no silos between organic search and social media these days. You can use snippets from your new site pages as social posts, and link them back to your website.

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