Digital branding opportunities abound today but apart from the hype, marketing companies are tasked with raising their clients above all the noise and creating real brand loyalty. The focus isn’t on a few splashy promotions but a sustained brand identity and visibility that transcends the everyday hashtag and image posts. Let’s dig into some hot digital branding innovations and how they supersede the norm to become brand experience sensations.

1) Netflix is a great example of a brand that has grown in the digital age due to innovative marketing tactics. According to Patrick Hong in his article ‘5 Examples Of Innovative Marketing Strategies‘, Netflix made a commitment to being more than a distributor of movie DVDs. The company made a heavy push into creating their own content and leveraging data to learn about its audience and then it used that data to label and differentiate its offerings in pioneering ways. Where else would we ever have heard about “Emotional Independent Dramas for Hopeless Romantics’?

2) Grace Trobrush discusses a highly unique trend in her article ‘5 Digital Innovations Changing Advertising and Marketing in 2015‘ for the Consumer Technology Association blog. It’s about marketing companies creating soundless video clips. Ms. Trobrush mentions Matt Rednor, CEO of Decoded Advertising’s, prediction that marketers will move away from commercials to more short videos without sound, as many people don’t bother to turn up the sound when videos play online (or they can’t if they are at work or in a noisy setting). Tiffany and Co. are well-known for their silent videos such as this one on Instagram.

These next 3 brand marketing innovations were some of the best of recent years, mainly because they bucked against conventional wisdom.

3) Burberry used the spoiler tactic to pre-show its London Fashion Week line. Instead of protecting access to its collection before the show they instead created buzz by intentionally leaking it on Snapchat. This approach was a huge success with Millennials.

4) One of the most responsive brands in 2015 was Slack, whose Twitter account offers a treasure trove of welcomes, help, and good humor to make getting in touch with the company a seamless experience.

5) For the last several years Lowes has created ‘best practice’ type Vines with its #lowesfixinsix clips. Its marketing company perfectly matched a helpful, fun, and memorable campaign with the Vine platform and the result has been spectacular with millions of views and thousands of followers.

What marketing companies have discovered in the last few years is that creating campaigns for specific channels is the way to reach distinct audiences. Campaigns on Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and others allow for creation of highly visual experiences that resonate with target audiences.