Some online marketing companies specialize in particular industries. I myself have optimized websites in most of the verticals I’ll be discussing below; and each category offers its own challenges. Let’s see how digital marketing firms are making an impact across all of these verticals:

1) Healthcare – The best SEO companies working with healthcare providers have to be cognizant of several points to build momentum for their clients’ campaigns:
a. They have to nail local SEO. If the client is a hospital in Atlanta, then that is a key consideration. Local will be huge for this customer so people can find the hospital when searching on their phones. Google + and AdWords would be important parts of the campaign.
b. The mobile presence has to be stellar. Many online marketing companies employ or have close relationships with developers. It’s a prerequisite that a healthcare facility’s mobile site be easy to use. If there isn’t an app already developed for the client, the online marketing company may work with a developer to ensure all aspects of it work perfectly.
c. The specialists that practice at hospitals and other facilities are usually eminent physicians in their fields. There likely will be a need to alert news media to groundbreaking medical initiatives, and top marketing companies will ensure that online press releases are created and distributed in a timely fashion to keep the client in the news.

2) Automotive – The automotive industry offers its own opportunities that online marketing companies can take advantage of:

a. In some cases an automaker may have one of its modified car models driven in a NASCAR or NHRA race. A top online marketing company will want to share this information on the client’s blog and also on social media to create buzz.
b. Automakers often win awards for innovations and safety features they build into their cars. The proactive online marketing agency will ensure the client gets all the press and social attention it deserves for these achievements. Short video interviews taped at awards ceremonies work well for sharing.
c. Story-themed case studies created for the automotive customer make great content to share on Twitter and Facebook. Making the story user-centric instead of product-centric is key.

3) Travel – Online marketing companies working with lodging firms, Chambers of Commerce, or other travel-related clients are often called upon to be especially innovative.

a. Blogging is key for this industry as an immersive photo or video blog can transport readers. Blogs like this are terrific for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
b. Pinterest can be an important channel that digital marketing firms may wish to exploit for their travel clients. Sourcing exceptional photos for the client’s blogs can really pay off as they can be re-purposed on the Pinterest account. It is a best practice to create a blog-themed board on Pinterest with pins linking to each individual blog post.
c. Social accounts can be excellent communication tools to correspond with travelers who are needing more information before they leave on their trip. Top online marketing companies use social to provide solutions for travelers.

4) Pets – The United States alone is home to millions of pets. People spend a lot of money on their animals and this burgeoning market can be competitive. Online marketing companies will need to be creative and able to give the audience what it wants.

a. Unique products may not always be available from a pet-themed client, and if not, a digital marketing firm can still help its customer compete by recommending it create unique bundles of its products. These can be bundled together to provide convenience for pet owners.
b. Email marketing is one way online marketing companies can reach pet owners. Often pet owners will opt in to a pet-themed site’s email newsletter, so they can get the latest offers. The online marketing agency can install an email signup on the site to ensure capture of email addresses.
c. Personalization is big in lots of industries and it is definitely big in the pet realm. A quick Google of ‘personalized pet gifts’ reveals a cornucopaeia of products and the competition is keen. Top online marketing companies can counsel their clients about the best ways to feature products on blogs and social accounts.

5) Non-profit – In the non-profit world the focus on fundraising is obvious, but there are several other issues online marketing companies need to address.

a. Press, press and more press! Staying in the news is vital for non-profits. The digital marketing firm has to constantly be digging for newsworthy stories to keep its client top of mind. Getting into Google News is great, but top agencies ensure that local sites also feature the client’s latest news.
b. As with most any local business, non-profits need to focus heavily on local SEO. If the client is a literacy program, for example, it will be important to build the organization’s local presence so it is easily found in search results.
c. Extreme care with keyword research is vital for non-profit SEO. A digital marketing company that specializes in this vertical will definitely help its client by including as many relevant variations on major themes as possible, with an emphasis on long-tail keywords.

Online marketing companies definitely have to wear many hats if they work with clients in the categories above. Some marketing firms specialize in just one or a few industries and they become known for their niche marketing capabilities. Organically offers expertise in specialized campaigns such as the ones I’ve discussed here, and in many other industries. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your unique challenges and how we can energize your online marketing.