After sites like Yelp had begun to sprout up across the web, reputation management became an important marketing tool to consider. Often, bad reviews and unanswered questions lead to poor sales and a bad, well, reputation. Facebook, too, began incorporating reviews as part of their social media platform, and businesses learned through trial and error how to cope with this new form of transparency. Luckily, reputation management services empowered business owners to take control of their reputations using a mix of tools and services.

What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management at its most basic is the management and influencing of your reputation. Most brands and business owners see reputation management as a thorn in their side, but with the proper tools and content, reputation management can potentially lead to even greater sales and a positive reputation.

Reputation Management Tools

Google Search & Google Alerts

Most of the reviews related to your site exists within Google’s search engine, so it makes sense that a Google search is the best place to begin on your reputation management journey. Start with a simple search of your website or brand name in quotations to pull up a list of pages that mention your company. It’s also helpful to create a spreadsheet and list the sites where you feel your reputation could use some work. Later, you can revisit this list to find sites to comment or reply to unanswered messages and reviews.

Google Alerts help you stay proactive with your reputation management. Simply sign into your Google account and go to the Google Alerts page. There you can enter a keyword, such as your company name. Once an article or blog post features your business, Google sends an alert to your e-mail. In the case of a negative review, it allows you to stay on top of your reputation by responding quickly.


If you don’t have a business Yelp account, now is the time to create one. Despite whether you have a Yelp page for your business, customers can still review you, so claim ownership of your page and start replying. The faster your reply to customer reviews, both positive and negative, the better.

Reputation Management Services

If this sounds like a lot of work to you, don’t fret, it is. Reputation management takes a lot of work, and in some cases, can be time-consuming. Organically Interactive offers reputation management services to our clients, performing the grunt work so they can focus on what matters: running their businesses. If you are interested in reputation management services, please contact us today for your free quote.

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