When you open a website, your primary objective is probably to get people to visit your site and/or to buy whatever you are selling. So how do you do this? You may have heard of SEO optimization and you may not have, but it is the basis of solid, sustainable growth on the Web.

Let’s think about it another way.

Imagine that you are planting a garden. In order for your garden to flourish, you need good seeds. These seeds need to have the ability to produce a bountiful harvest.

In order for you to find seeds that will produce the crop that you want, you have to first understand the ideal environment for the seeds. The soil, the climate, moisture levels, acidity, and the seasonal harvest that the seeds produce all go into your decision-making process. Of course, you can just throw some seeds down, water them, and hope that they grow, but you will see better results when you pick crops that grow well in your environment.

Then, you have to choose your seeds. How do you know which seeds yield good crop and which do not? You don’t, really, but you may get some advice on where to find the best seeds and which types of seeds will grow best in your garden. After that, you will plant the seeds, water them, and continuously nurture them until you bear fruit.

Now, why did I go into a long-winded explanation of how to plant seeds? Because your website is the garden, the seeds are your content, and the environment is your industry or niche. In order for your website to grow and flourish, you need good seeds, i.e., content pages. These form the foundation of your site and determine whether your site grows to produce a bountiful harvest, i.e., a steady supply of organic visitors, or whether you will be buried under the soil with no visible signs of growth.

Adding SEO content to your website on a regular basis is like planting seeds that are ideal for your environment. In the grand scheme of things, you are much more likely to yield the results that you want if you choose the best seeds. SEO content will help you see the best results so that you can increase productivity and continually drive targeted traffic to your site.