Recently I worked with a customer who had a lot of really good blogging habits established. She blogged frequently on topics of interest to her audience, she employed keywords strategically in her post titles and body copy and she was becoming known in her niche.

She asked what else she could do to improve her blog, and we got into a discussion on how adding product images to her posts would be a great idea. Her furniture pieces all had a product code name; i.e. ABCD #234. Normally she’d include no image of the piece and just say that it was “now being offered.” We had one of her colleagues take high resolution images of her last three furniture pieces and we uploaded those to the respective blog posts, and placed the actual name of the product, instead of its code, in a snappy caption beneath the image.

Soon she was getting more engagement on her blog and she now looks forward to adding vibrant product images to all her blog posts.
Just like clothes make the man; media can make the blog.

Here’s a great resource on adding images to your blog posts: Using Images to Take Your Posts to a New Level