“If you do what you always did, you get what you always got.” – Gerhard Plenert and Bill Kirchmier. Finite Capacity Scheduling: Management, Selection, and Implementation. John Wiley & Sons, Inc: 2000. http://matthrivnak.com/2008/05/08/misc-lean-six-sigma-quotes/

Doing things the same way ‘just because’ never was a good idea and it is even worse in this fast moving digital age. The key to make things happen is to embrace change with a goal in mind. Goal Focused Marketing by Clearly Stated Content (Organically) starts with more than the standard ‘free marketing audit’ other agencies offer.

Yes we charge for this introductory marketing audit. And no, it’s not a weighty document filled with professorial language and heavy doses of charts and graphs. This evaluation is short (7-9 pgs), easy to read and understand. It provides a synopsis of your company’s current marketing situation and offers a look at where you could go with a balanced and integrated online and offline marketing mix that drives the pursuit of One Goal. (We’ll talk more in our next post about what we specifically mean by One Goal.) It’s written by people with 15 years of online marketing, PR, and usability experience.

We team our incisive GFM Strategic Planner (Goal Focused Marketing Introductory Evaluation) with 5 hours of consulting. This combo offers you real value because it provides you with information you can act on today. It also provides you with a virtual plane ticket to better marketing ahead when you sign a full 6 month Goal Focused Marketing engagement with Organically.

So next time you wish you had a crystal ball to see your marketing future, instead contact Organically for your $499 Goal Focused Marketing Introductory Evaluation—The best value in actionable marketing today.