Pinterest Secret Boards Rock for Personal Reminders

Recently I had a health issue where I was taken to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. Come to find out I had very low potassium so I was given a prescription to help alleviate this, but also needed to start eating more foods high in potassium.

The doctor told me that the heart and blood pressure are dependent on having enough potassium (3500 – 4500 mg daily is the recommended amount). While I was aware of some of the higher potassium foods, I’ve found through my research into this topic that there are many other foods one can choose to boost potassium levels. I’ve also learned that potassium works in conjunction with magnesium in the body, so eating foods high in magnesium is a good idea too.

So what to do? How would I remember all of these foods? I wanted to make a consolidated list that I could add to periodically and write notes too about each food, if I wanted. This was really important to me, and I really didn’t want to rely on paper lists or bookmarks to remember all the high potassium foods I needed to eat. Pinterest is so visually oriented and I thought that this medium might be a good way to create a reminder list for myself. I really like the start I have made with this new board I created titled: High Potassium Foods. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this board with the world or not, so I initially created a ‘Secret Board’ on Pinterest (one that is not viewable to the public). This is easy to do. You add a new board and when doing so, you’ll notice Pinterest provides a slider button where you can set the secret mode to ‘on.’

Just Slide the Button to ‘Off’ to Go Public

Now that I’ve spoken to many friends and family about how important potassium is in the diet, I have made my High Potassium Foods board public. Perhaps others would like to learn more about this issue, and it can help people with hypertension and prevent people from having to go through what I did with an irregular heartbeat due to low potassium. As we age too, we can have problems with potassium levels so it’s more important than ever if one is 50 or over to eat a potassium rich diet.

That’s my health sermon for the day; I do hope others will benefit from this information. Also I think using Secret Boards on Pinterest for visual lists is a great idea. Who knows, perhaps what you find to be helpful to remember could help others, too. If you want to make your Secret Board public, it’s as easy as sliding the button. Thanks Pinterest!