How to Maximize Your Investment with Your Social Media Agency

What kind of investment of resources is your company making in social media? Perhaps there are not enough hours in the day to get the most out of it (more fans, engagement, sales), so you’ve been looking for a social media agency to outsource the work. You don’t necessarily need to outsource all of it, if you are afraid you’ll lose control of your brand voice. Many agencies work well with clients by providing them with a monthly calendar of posts that the clients can weave into their current social media workflow. Try these tips when working with a social media agency. They can help free up your time and increase your ROI from your social media marketing investment.

Consistency is Key

Posting every few weeks on your social accounts will not keep your engagement level up. If you think about it, it is natural for people to check your social accounts less frequently if they think that you won’t be posting that often. The danger then becomes that they will forget you altogether. When you work with a social media agency, it is their job to keep your name in the news on social media. They will post for you daily on your social channels and this fact alone is one of the key points that must be in place to help you achieve the visibility you want.

Consistency + Value

Once your agency starts posting consistently for you, they also must deliver value. By studying your business and the desires of your customers, your social media agency will create content that answers questions, provides details, entertains and delivers valuable content that your audience won’t want to miss. As this consistent delivery of value builds over time, you will see an uptick in engagement. Your fans will interact with the content; commenting on it, asking you questions, and getting involved with your brand by understanding what it is you have to offer that’s different from your competitors.

Consistency + Value + Time=Trust

Over time your agency continues the delivery of content on your social accounts that delivers the value that your audience wants. When your fans see this consistent provision of value they will begin to trust you. They will share your content and tell others about the experiences they have had with your brand. More traffic will come to your website via social media and these users will begin to build enough trust that they will want to convert. They will download your e-books, ask for more information, buy your products and services. This level of trust can take months or longer to develop, but once the foundation is built, you can expect it to continue building as long as the consistency + value part of the equation continues.

Social media has grown beyond the fad phase – it is a powerful channel (actually group of channels) that gives you direct access to your customers, and vice versa. There’s no more room for hesitation when it comes to social media, as your competitors use it to their advantage. Have Organically audit your social presence and ask us for a social media marketing proposal. You can get started immediately with a high power social media campaign that brings results. Delight your customers – join them on social media and give them a way to discover the special value you offer.

As a leading Gatlinburg, TN social media agency we serve the local area and clients nationwide. We look forward to working with you!