How-to articles abound on how to best manage your social media campaigns. Your social media marketing company can create complex strategies, plan and execute contests, present a unified brand message across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more platforms, and involve the most evocative and relevant images and videos, yet there is one social media tip that trumps all these tactics. Without it, all the others fall flat. Here it is:

Regularly post content that is valuable to your audience

Now that may sound simple, but it can be quite a challenge. Meeting this challenge is the main reason companies hire social media agencies. One doesn’t have to outsource all social media marketing work to an agency, but if that is the plan then it will be more important than ever to assist the agency with themes to promote across your social channels. The agency’s main task will be to boost engagement with your audience and get them to interact with your brand, ultimately directing them to perform a conversion action. Sounds like a tall order, but it starts with regularly posting valuable content.

What Does Post Regularly Mean?

Daily posts to your social accounts will keep your audience engaged. In general, a good rule of thumb is to post to Twitter multiple times per day (3-6 times is optimal). Facebook posting once a day with some additional replying and commenting works well for most brands. Your agency may wish to step up the number of social posts on all platforms during peak times for your business. If you sell wedding dresses, then your followers will want to see more content during the top wedding months. This is the time to get your agency to vary your content – infographics, video, exceptional images – don’t let your content fall flat during peak times – this is a great opportunity to grab some market share from competitors.

Posting Valuable Content Regularly Boosts Engagement & Trust

Soon the synergy between you and your social media marketing agency will bear fruit on social media. Over time trust will be built because people will come to expect you to be the authority on your industry. In their circle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your other social accounts, your voice will be the one that they will grow to trust. This development of trust is the goal, because once someone trusts you, then they will feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Create Questions then Answer Them

Your content should be built around answering consumers’ questions. If you rent secluded hunting cabins in Maine, then people will definitely want to know about your rentals and the specific amenities they offer. They will also want to know more about the area the cabins are located in. What scenic wonders are located nearby? Where are the best fishing spots? Have hunters brought down big trophy game like moose or extraordinary bucks right in the area? All of these questions, including the route to use to get to your cabin site, are all great themes for blog posts and resource articles. Links to these articles can be posted on your social networks and the articles themselves can become feature stories in your e-newsletter (which your agency can promote via social media to increase signups).

Make the Most of Popular Themes When Creating Content

In keeping with the cabin rental premise, you’ll want to provide consumers with in-depth information on trending topics. For example, pet-friendly and kid-friendly vacations are hot topics that gain in popularity every year. Cater to your audience by ferreting out the attractions in your area that are great for pets and kids. If your cabins offer special kid and pet-friendly amenities, be sure to mention these.

Bonus Tip: Ask to have your social media marketing agency share the editorial calendar it has developed with you. Have them create a column that shows data on how people have interacted with your content. Review it often and see how people feel about your products and services. Have your agency track on Google Analytics which content caused people to click through to your website.

The greatest content in the world may get overlooked if your social accounts are only posted to once a week, or once a month. Make a commitment with your agency that you will have great content go out on social every day. And if you are already posting daily, then look for ways to step up your content formats so you’re delivering a wow experience that builds trust.

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