I hate to admit, but I still get this question asked of me “Is it really necessary to work with a social media marketing agency? My answer is always truthful: No. But when I say that, I explain to people that doing your own social media in-house is fine, but you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to build engagement and loyalty. If you want to find more ways to use social media to best advantage, consider working with an agency.

Please note: If you don’t want to hire an agency to manage your accounts, that’s okay – you can have them create content for you to add to your existing editorial calendar. Let’s take a look at how flexible working with a social media marketing agency can be:

1) Content – Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter posts alone can be a serious time drain for your company. Even if you have people blogging internally, there’s always room for additional voices to grow your content stream. Get a social media marketing agency to help you with content generation.

2) Timing – With additional content you’ll be able to schedule more posts at optimal times for sharing. Plus you’ll be able to share at other times and experiment to see how your audience reacts.

3) Best Kept Secret: Synergizing existing campaigns with social When you work with an agency to ramp up your social media content, you can have them connect it to some of your other campaigns. Email marketing and social media go together well because you can use your existing email subscribers to help you share your social content.

Super Tip – This is Really Important! Be sure your email messages offer easy sharing capabilities.

4) Keeping the momentum going – When you work with a social media marketing agency the goal will be to post every day to your accounts. It’s important to keep people engaged with consistent posting that focuses on themes that resonate with them. It shouldn’t always be about you – share content that’s topical and shareable; being a good curator is as important, and sometimes more important than being a good content creator.

Here’s one way to be a killer curator: Grab awesome infographics from sites that encourage you to share! One such site is Social Marketing Writing; here is one of their top infographics (they provided the embed code to it; anyone can share it, and it includes attribution to them at the bottom):

 And if you need some inspiration on how to create your own infographics, I highly recommend Social Marketing Writing’s article, ‘7 Tips for Creating Successful Infographics.’

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