When it comes to getting the most from Internet marketing companies you will need to find an agency that can use video to push your campaigns to a wider audience. These six tips will get your videos working for you on the web. We’ll start with the ending first; this is important because so many people forget the most important thing they should add to the video, and it comes at the end. You’ll also learn that you don’t have to be photogenic to make great videos and you don’t always have to plan your videos in advance. But before we start breaking the rules, let’s take a look at one really big rule that everyone who creates and publishes a video needs to follow. It is the super crucial Rule Number One:

1) Add a call to action to the end of your video. There’s nothing more lackluster than having a blank slide or a ‘thank you’ screen at the end of your video. Even the best Internet marketing companies can get so wrapped up in the video creation, they can forget that the call to action is crucial; but you can help your agency make this the strong point in your video presentation. After all the effort you went to to create your video, don’t leave your audience with a whimper. You have kept their attention throughout the video, don’t let them escape without presenting them with an irresistible offer at the end! Preferably this offer will be short and sweet – in fact, you want it to be just a few words so they will instantly know what they should do the second they stop watching your video. A great tool that can teach you to write effective calls to action is Bill Schley’s Microscript Rules. This book will teach you to sum up what’s important about your company or product in words that people will want to repeat and act on. It’s one of those books that teaches lessons you will be able to put to use immediately.

2) Don’t worry about being camera shy. Did you know that you don’t have to be the star of your videos? You can get a friend or a professional to be on camera, or you can create slideshows or animated videos – no need to worry if you get stage fright! The tools and templates available today make video creation easy and if you’re more of an idea person, you won’t have to be concerned at all about the camera’s eye on you. Try Wideo (or get your Internet marketing agency to help with this) and get started making a video with one of their easy to use templates.

3) Build variety into your video library. We’ve discussed before that top Internet marketing companies always develop a plan for creating and distributing content. An editorial calendar is the best practice here, and you should add videos to your content creation list – make them a regular part of your content marketing plan. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, create a new video on a consistent basis. At the end of a year you’ll have several videos you can review to see what resonated with your audiences. Remember you can create more than one kind of video; from Vines to animations, to how-tos and more. Humor works great on video and think about recruiting friends to help; many people like being on camera, and those who don’t want to, can come up with the ideas and do the directing.

4) It’s okay to get professional help. Sometimes you may have a blockbuster video idea and just can’t figure a way to create it yourself. Look for some professional help; many small studios don’t charge that much for short video creation. If you can’t afford to pay anyone you might find college students who are looking to build their resumes. Offer them the opportunity and see if you can collaborate. Call your local college’s career center and ask to be put in touch with students who would be interested in working on short video projects.

5) Don’t forget social sharing. Videos and social sharing are made for each other. The best Internet marketing companies will help you find the social networks that your audience frequents and share your videos there. Tweet and share your videos on your corporate social accounts and encourage colleagues at your company to do the same. Bonus Tip: On YouTube don’t forget to write SEO friendly titles and descriptions for your videos. Spend a bit of time using a keyword tool to discover the best phrases to incorporate into your video titles and descriptions. It’s important to do this so your video is easily discoverable on search engines for relevant key phrases.

6) Have fun with it! While following an editorial calendar is recommended for most of your content marketing, who’s to say that you couldn’t come up with a brainstorm one day and create a quick video to illustrate your ideas? Put it together while you’re thinking of it (try some of those tools and templates we spoke about earlier) and see where it leads.

7) We had to include this last super bonus tip because frankly, how can you beat free when it comes to video creation, and creating an explainer video (how-tos are incredibly popular) is something you (or your Internet marketing company) can and should do to acquaint customers with your company. Raw Shorts is about as easy as it gets and you’ll get a professional looking result. You can choose one of their premium plans to further customize your videos, but this tool was too good to leave out! Yes, you can make your own video today!

We hope these tips help you create some awesome videos. Can’t seem to wade through all the Internet marketing companies, looking for one that can handle video creation? Perhaps you’d like to work with an agency with new ideas for your videos. Organically would love to talk to you about it.