As traditional media budgets shift to digital, it’s important to understand the factors leading to this change and how to use it to your advantage.

Traditionally, print and television media dominated marketing budgets. As the internet space grew, blog and social media platforms became the permanent source of media consumption. Shortly thereafter, magazines and newspapers began closing their doors, unable to compete with blogs and low-cost online publishing.  With the advent of the iPhone, more users transitioned from their desktops and laptops to mobile browsing. Before this moment in technology, browsing on a mobile phone was too cumbersome and unrewarding. Over time, these technologies grew even better at delivering news, results, and content, leaving us where we are today.

Today, more companies decide to transition their budgets to digital marketing for one reason: people now live in a digital world. As information became more accessible, people relied less on traditional mediums (newspapers, brochures, and print ads) to find the information they wanted to access.

By investing in a digital marketing strategy, you not only enhance your brand recognition, you ensure your brand stays relevant for years to come. Social media calls for alternative tools and strategies with which many traditional marketers are unfamiliar. Experts in social media and digital marketing understand what it takes for people to notice your business. Now, instead of finding the customer, they, for the most part, find you, and it’s important to make a strong first impression to build brand loyalty.

And staying ahead of the curve means more than brand recognition—your online reputation is just as important. Having strategies in place, such as reputation management and monitoring, is a necessity with the advent of review sites like TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. A strong brand image leads to strong customer support.

As marketing tactics, tools, and mediums evolve, so will marketing strategies; however, the digital age is irrefutable, so build your digital marketing strategy today, and stay ahead of the curve.

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